Sunday, July 09, 2006

Home is where the heart is

Listening to: the sound of the table fan mixed with the football commentary

And so I'm back (from outer space...). Yes, back in sunny Sri Lanka, currently 34°C (it's 12.07 a.m., mind you). It doesn't seem that hot though, compared to the weather I left behind in England. Still, there are more interesting things to talk about than the weather!

Visited my grandparents last evening...I don't need to tell you how glad I am that I managed to see them one more time. The phone has been ringing off the hook today 'cos people have realised that I've arrived. I feel like some sort of pseudo-celebrity! :D

Oooh I saw three movies on the flight. I swear the Etihad Boeing 777 inflight entertainment is the best! I saw Ice Age: The Meltdown, Failure to Launch and Tristan & Isolde - all very good inflight movies. Oh and at my friend's place in London, I saw Good Night, and Good Luck. and De-Lovely. I've got so many movies lined up for this summer (those of you familiar with Precious Video Store will know where I'll be spending most of my time!).

Anyway, I'm kinda tired now, so I'm gonna head to bed. Will update sometime soon.

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  1. ahh...used to love precious since it was a short walk from home, and the dude used to always reserve new movies for regulars :)...must be nice to be home eh?


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