Wednesday, June 21, 2006

News just in...

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Results are out. Yours truly has got a 2.i again, which means I'm all set for my PhD. They haven't put the breakdown online yet, but I imagine it'll be out soon. Either that or I'll find out on Friday. For now, it doesn't matter where I am in the class list...the fact that I've got what I needed is the main thing. A total of 16 out of 22 got 2.i's, which I think is amazing...only 3 got firsts.

I'm at Shorty's place at the moment so probably shouldn't waste time blogging. Will update when I know more about my breakdown.

Until then, I'm off to London tomorrow to get my Indian visa and chat with people from UCL. And maybe we'll go clubbing tomorrow night once I get back...*fingers crossed*.

Oh yeah in other news, I saw really close...I have photos but as I'm not at my computer, I haven't been able to upload. Will post a few later. Cambridge is such a happening place where cricket is concerned.


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  1. Congrats girl!!!! Thats so great!

    So does this mean you'll be staying on?


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