Wednesday, August 16, 2006

...back by popular demand

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Wow, 'The Return of the Bomb' is a major hit! Into its second week now, it's even more popular than it was when it came out. The brave cameo performance by the Pakistani High Commissioner in Sri Lanka was a surprise. Apparently it's unclear whether some of the filming took place at an orphanage based in the jungle or at a terrorist training camp, but I guess what is seen depends on who's looking.

Apparently the West doesn't think much of the movie, and wants it banned. Thankfully they have no jurisdiction (I hope) over Sri Lankan cinemas. I wonder what the response would be if we wanted them to withdraw their movie 'War on Terror'?

*Sigh*'s a sad situation. Increased military activity in the North and East leaves the rest of the country more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Why? you ask. Well, it's simple: when the LTTE's getting hammered in the North and East, they retaliate by blowing up innocent bystanders in the more peaceful parts of the country and then accuse the Forces of targeting civilians (yeah, 'cos that makes sense). And obviously no one in their right mind would believe the word of an established military over that of a proscribed terrorist organisation (I'm rolling my eyes, can you tell?), so the international powers that be start shouting "negotiate, negotiate!". Yeah whatever.

Apologies for the sarcastic (and more or less one-sided) tone of this post. I'm confused as to whether I should be upset that the war's returned to my doorstep (and therefore I'm forced to actually deal with it, rather than say "oh yeah I think they're fighting in the North"), or relieved that the military's actually making some progress, albeit with more than a few casualties. I'm inclined to lean towards the latter. Personally I don't believe in a diplomatic solution to a conflict with people who don't act diplomatically. Complete and utter annihilation seems to be the only solution, even though I hate myself for typing the very words. My message to the international superpowers is this: Don't tell us what to do, we're not babies. If you're with us, then have faith in our ability to do the job the way we want to do it - we'll ask for your help if and when we need it. If you're not with us, then bugger off and leave us alone. Don't pretend to care.

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