Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fun in the sun

Listening to: Father snoring, as usual

Despite my not-at-all busy schedule, it is increasingly difficult to find time to blog regularly. Hence this is a sort of update.

Yup, I played pool for the first time. Now I'm guessing you're going "Huh? What's she been doing all this time?". Well basically, I can't bend my spine (for the same reason I can't fall). Although a few people have said that I should be able to play pool with a straight back, I've never been confident enough to try. On Saturday I went out with old friends from junior school and they practically coaxed me to have a go. I managed to hit stuff, but not well enough to actually get them in the pockets! Oh well. Getting me to join totally ruined my friends' game, but they didn't seem to mind. It was nice to be with people who were willing to take it easy in order to include me...experience tells me that's not often the case. I don't think I'll ever be confident enough to try bowling, but I guess playing pool is one step towards pseudo-normalcy.

Strike 2.5
It could've been strike 3 - the third bomb this month. Thanks to a vigilant police officer, the bomb disposal squad was called just in time. Lives have been saved.
And if that wasn't enough bad news for the LTTE, their goons have been caught in the States. Will the 'West' wake up now, at least?

Hello, I'd like a visa please.
So yeah, I went and got an application form for a UK student visa. It's changed a bit since the last one I filled in. A few of my favourites (my comments are in brackets):
  • When was the reference number? (I'm sorry, what?)
  • Section 9: Do you speak English? (Should I be studying in the UK if I don't?)
  • Has your sponsor, his or her spouse, or his or her children ever traveled or studied abroad? If so, please give details. (And how is that relevant?)
The new method is to give visas without interviews, so they've hired some human robots to do their dirty work (i.e. ensuring that all the documents are submitted) for them. I wonder sometimes, whether it's all worth the hassle.

Oh well, it's almost 3am. Better hit the sack.


  1. Ha...and that was only a FEW of te stupidities in that ludicrous visa application...I got "Why do you want to be a doctor?" as well...HELLO??? I got 2 interviews actually, so be thankful you escaped!

  2. hey where you gone? need to see more of your take on life :)


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