Monday, January 15, 2007

PseudoRandom lives again!

Listening to: 'Days Go By' by Lifehouse [Lifehouse]

Happy New Year! If you're happy, that is. If not, well I hope you're happier soon. I'm not a big 'New Year' person...I can't for the life of me understand why people make such a huge fuss over something that exists only since the 1580s. Oh well, my fault for being cynical. Moving on...

I'm not dead. I didn't even go into hiding. I just got really really busy, and then went home for three weeks, where I was also really really busy. Serves me right for going home for Christmas. Still, I loved it. I did miss Cambridge, or certain elements of Cambridge...but it was nice to chill out at home. Now I'm back in the freezer that is Cambridge, and to be honest, loving every minute of it :-).

So what has happened...well, nothing much. Just as well I didn't blog, 'cos I wouldn't have had much to say! I saw Casino Royale, and more recently, The Pursuit of Happyness, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Oooh and I saw Happy Feet, which was lovely! I saw a couple of others, but they were pretty forgettable.

It appears love is in the air for 2007, or at least schoolgirlish crushes that may or may not develop into passionate romances. My own endeavours never develop into anything but deep and meaningful friendships so I'm not expecting much romance...still, addiction is a welcome diversion.

I still haven't gone into the lab, although I have ordered the chemicals, so I'm improving. Hopefully next week, my fears will be dispelled forever.

Well, this was just supposed to be a note to let the blogging world that the altruist is still here, and definitely still rambling. Stay tuned.

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