Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I don't like cricket...I love it!

Listening to: 'Oh My God' by Kaiser Chiefs [Employment]

I think I'm going to die. I was sitting on the floor (unable to sit in a chair) screaming to every deity that ever graced this planet to let us win. We didn't deserve to, after that dismal batting display (if you can call it that), but I wish we could've won, for Slinga's sake. He's awesome. OK yes Dilshan and Arnold batted well, but they were far from dominant. Kudos to South Africa, apart from their collapse towards the end, they played very good cricket. Why oh why didn't Mahela have a second slip in?!?!?! He's gonna kick himself when he sees the highlights.

Sigh...and so we remain on 2 points. We'd better beat West Indies on Sunday, or our place in the semi finals will be much less secure.

Slightly aside, my day was made when they showed Jonty Rhodes on TV...sigh he's so cute.

Oh well, I shall now go and nurse my misery. The song's quite fitting, don't you think? Funny to note that an Indian would've probably wanted the Kaiser Chiefs' other song ;-).

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  1. haha...that sounds like me in front of my computer...feverishly hitting the refresh button!think i need a heart transplant now:)

    man I hope we can sort our top order batting out!


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