Thursday, October 23, 2008


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So I'm just wondering (as I do when I'm rather bored) I missing out? Am I going to die an incomplete human being, simply for the lack of this experience? What's so great about it? I suppose it looks fun (and also a bit grotesque, to be perfectly honest). Is it something everyone enjoys? Or is it like Marmite (i.e. either you love it or you hate it)? But then apparently it's not as good as chocolate, so maybe I'm not missing much?

It's useless talking about this stuff with friends. Friends are programmed to lie whenever they think you're depressed. It's sweet of them and I love them for it, but it doesn't really help the situation. And I can't be bothered with the whole "some day my prince will come" nonsense. I mean who still believes in that Disney bollocks anyway?

This isn't a grumble about me being perpetually single (for once!). If there isn't a guy on this planet who sees how awesome I am, well that's my fault for being just too damn awesome :P. And I'm not about to become less awesome for it. No, this is just me thinking out loud. This is just me wondering if I would be the same person I am today, had I experienced more of what people in my age group generally experience - what you lot probably take for granted as part of growing up. I guess I'll never know.


  1. :) incomplete? no... i wouldnt say that..

    oh but it IS great.. :D its one o those rare things in life that are quite sick to watch but abs amazing to experience! (u cant go to the bbc for info on this stuff.. some things arent meant to be googled!)

    and sure, all experiences affect ppl, no matter what they are.. whether it would CHANGE u, i dont know..

    here's hoping ur prince knows what he's doing ;)

  2. Don't listen to what BBC says about kissing! A nice hot session of making out definitely beats chocolate any day! PLUS no calories involved! There will b guys who find u amazing.. And maybe when he does, YOU'll be the one to think he's not enough. Just don't settle.. Better be single than with someone you don't really feel for.. Keep ur eyes open, he's out there! somewhere... far away... in the mist... hidden... lol

  3. hm... i have so much to add, but cant really put in into words. oh well...

  4. Mmm...So that's why I've been eating so much chocolate.....

  5. I think in all honesty, you are almost exactly the same person irrespective of the experience...the only difference is that if one hasn't experienced it, it becomes an object of greater value and it's easy to think that you have missed out on something big, when really I don't think it's all that life-changing. Certainly not soul-changing.

    It's like people who have never eaten pork all their lives, and then one day they decide to eat it, at the age of say 20, and they keep eating it every so often. It loses its intrigue and mystique (not that pork is particularly mystifying!) and becomes more routine...less valued... I don't think the pork-eater is any different to the person he was before eating pork.

    Falling in love? That's another story. The actual act of kissing? Not such an integral part of life IMHO.

  6. Gehan - but everything must be googled! :D As for my prince, I believe at present he is stuck in another dimension, trying desperately to make his way to me :P I'm not holding my breath!

    lucky_me - no calories?! hmm maybe chocolate is better (sorry, I'm one of the skinny ones :D )

    DeeCee - hehehe...happens to all of us :-)

    Leikagee - oh no I doubt've been eating that much chocolate simply 'cos it's soooooo good! :P

    Anon - nice analogy - I hope you're right! The chances of me falling in love are even slimmer than the chances of me getting a snog, so I guess I'll have to do without that part of life!

  7. hey check this out...answers a lot of questions. interestin...

  8. Pfft. Relationships are for schmucks.
    What? Who says I am bitter?! =P


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