Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We learn something new every day

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I was lucky today...I learnt not one, but two things! Firstly - don't eat peppery kotthu when you have a blocked nose, unless you want your nose to become extremely unblocked. I suppose the upside is that my nose isn't that blocked any more! Sigh.

The second is less of a life lesson. I was reading a random BBC article when I came across a term I didn't recognise - eugenics. So I did what I always do when my curiosity is aroused...I looked it up. How had I not come across this before? Crazyness. After reading most of the Wikipedia page, I decided that this is not something I could form an opinion on by reading someone's interpretation of the original text. Thankfully Cambridge is a fountain of knowledge, and there are plenty of copies of Sir Francis Galton's Hereditary Genius in the University Library, so I intend to borrow one at some point. Incidentally, I also checked the library catalogue for copies of Darwin's Origin of Species, only to find that one of the original copies has been missing since 1891...I found it quite amusing that the library has records from over a century ago :-).

So today has been all about discovering: discovering how much I don't know. Wow.


  1. the peppery kottu - might be the solution to my constant phlegmy situations...:) a solution for my blocked nose!


  2. WHERE do you get kotthu from?! I'd eat it, in all its flaming goodness.

    Sigh...eugenics...we got lectures on that quite a bit during our genetics component!


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