Monday, January 19, 2009


Listening to: 'Fruit Machine' by The Ting Tings [We Started Nothing]

Oh yeah baby, I'm back. Missed me much? Wait...don't answer that. Anyway...

Here's me multitasking: eating dinner, unpacking and blogging simultaneously. And here's a summary of what went down in Colombo -
  • Got a haircut that didn't cost me 35 quid!
  • Sang at my friend's wedding
  • Went to Kandy, only to find that my camera had gone on strike just as we got to Dalada Maligawa! Oh the shame. Got it working by the time we got to Pinnawela though, thankfully.
  • Had three wonderful days with the parents in Nuwara Eliya
  • Felt my heart skip a beat when I saw Adam's Peak on the drive back to Colombo via Hatton
  • Spent 31st night trying to have a normal conversation with some family friends but kept getting disturbed by wasted retards lighting crackers outside their house
  • Went sari shopping
  • Went to show the Alma Mater some support...and felt really old (not to mention old-fashioned)
  • Went out with friends and inhaled so much second-hand smoke that I was ill the next day
  • Had indigestion for four days
  • Went to another friend's wedding that turned into a mini class reunion, which was great, despite me being completely blanked by someone who really should've grown up by now...too much to ask, apparently.
  • Went to temple and got scared of a cockroach (it was massive, I swear!)
  • Was told by the ophthalmologist that I may not need specs any more, yay!
Oh and both weddings qualified for eye candy levels, yay! :D I mean they weren't overflowing with testosterone-filled hotness, but there were one or two potentials at each, which is more than a girl can ask for these days!

I also developed a habit of smiling at the soldiers at every checkpoint we were stopped at. And they were always very pleasant in return. I know a lot of people are perturbed by the military presence in Colombo, but I accept it as a necessary precaution. The recent military advances at the front deserve a separate post, so I won't dwell on the topic here. Other politicised events in Sri Lanka will also probably be covered then, so stay tuned!

Right I think it's time for me to hit the sack.


  1. welcome back :)

    and aha! so u were the one cursing at her camera near the lake... i have gotcha now! :D

  2. welcome back:) sounds like you had a fab time, I saw some of the stuff you guys got upto on FB, lucky you! will catch up with you soon once you've settled back in.

  3. lol... a bit ironic that we hear from you when ur not in town, dont hear from you when you're in town and finally we hear from you again when you're not in town..... crazy! Hope you had a blast over here!

  4. Thanks guys!

    Gehan: LOL more like the one crying near the lake...I was distraught!

    Darwin: Indeed, lots of fun...with people you may know too! :-)

    myprerogative: LOL yeah...that's the thing with being an expat blogger ;-)

  5. Hey glad to hear you had a great time...too bad we couldnt catch up when you were back:)

  6. great to know you have a fabulous time!and ofcourse you were me! :)


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