Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Decisions, decisions

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So anyone who has spent enough time procrastinating on my blog would've noticed that I occasionally dabble in amateur photography. I'm not skilled with all the various variables, and it's a miracle if I manage to take a non-blurry picture without the flash, but I like to think I have an eye for composition. I spot photo opportunities everywhere. Light creeping through bunches of leaves, reflections on rivers and puddles, shadows on walls...the thought "ooh that would make a good photo" crosses my mind frequently.

I also like taking photos of my friends. Of me with my friends. Of us acting silly, of us celebrating birthdays. Of us dancing in a club. My 'people pics' tend to be far less about the capture and much more about the memories they'll bring back when I look at them in a few years' time (and I do look at old photos).

Since mid-2005, my Canon PowerShot A75 has served both these purposes equally well. It has been an absolute gem. But since of late, I'm noticing some circuitry issues, and my baby's internals tend to go crazy just when I'm taking a photo. I find myself coaxing it back to normalcy, by which time the photo opportunity is long gone. It appears that the end is nigh for my first digital camera, and a replacement must be found.

My baby

And this is where it gets complicated. Let us, for a moment, assume that money isn't a problem (ha ha). I would love, and I mean really love, to have an SLR, and play ball with the big guys. I mean those babies are real beauts! And the way people look at you when you've got an SLR slung around your neck...instant respect! :D But seriously, SLRs give the photographer so much freedom to experiment. And omg they look so cool :D

The only negative (again, cost not considered) is that I can't really shove it in my handbag when I'm going clubbing. So I've been looking at bridge cameras and a few compact ones...but I still haven't one that comes close to my baby in terms of balancing arty farty features and fun pic capability. Hmm.

And then there's the money. How much can I realistically afford? I will potentially earn enough money from teaching this term to be able to afford a bridge camera, but I had previously hoped to put that money into driving lessons. I can't ask my parents for money - they've already agreed to help out with the driving - so this either has to come out of my earnings or my savings. Sigh...decisions, decisions.

Is it worth it?

In other news, I'm such a klutz. Heated the last two pieces of chicken curry in the microwave. Took tupperware out of microwave. Dropped now-oily tupperware on the floor. Stood shell-shocked as I watched the larger of the two chicken pieces roll onto the not-so-clean kitchen floor. Floor too dirty (and me too stunned) to invoke 5 second rule (hey I thought it was 10? Oh well.). Waaaaaaaaaah.


  1. ohh wow..i'd kill for a SLR.. :(

    and waa for the chicky..

  2. Sigh so would I! Far too expensive for me though :'(

  3. hey!
    Ive checked ur flickr n u have sum pretty great stuff there urself...
    oh i know how u feel about this entire camera purchasing business....for the longest tym i used various digital cams...my favourite is the canon powershot s5...u hav a nyc pic of it up there...great cam....has most SLR functions and a supermacro feature 2 die for!and shows great color too... the pics ive taken on my karnataka trip and the mumbai pics r all taken on the powershot...i still believe sum of my best shots were taken on it.

    now however i have an SLr (got it dis May for my bday :D)..i use a nikon D300. don't own too many lens. just got an 18-135mm and a 50mm prime for now...saving up for a macro next.The wellawatte bridge is taken with it. though u can get the same effect with the S5...

    if ur looking for an affordable SLR dont worry...Canon, nikon and olympus have been cuming out with sum newer models aimed at amateurs which have pretty good features and r easy on the wallet..or u cud jus get the canon S5 which isnt bad either...since it isnt too bulky
    However i suggest u do ur research first...and then make a choice...n keep an eye out for newer models like if they've improved on the S5 and released an updated model n stuff..
    good luck with it!


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