Sunday, November 09, 2008


Listening to: 'If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It' by Snow Patrol [A Hundred Million Suns]

So I'm listening to the new SP album nonstop these days. So good! It's like everything good from the previous two albums combined. Me happy. And with every song, I just picture what it would be like live. With the crowd singing along, the lights on stage...magic! But I digress.

I've had a good weekend. Shorty was over and we engaged in idle chit chat (and not a lot else). It seems like everyone we know is getting married these days. I mean what the hell?! Is there some kind of 'marriage virus' going around, making everyone want to tie the knot? What's the rush?

I'm way, way, waaaay behind everyone else on the relationship 'snakes and ladders' board. I mean is it even possible to slide down a snake before you've had your first turn? If it is, I'm there. So as disappointing as it is, I'm kinda resigned to the fact that I'm not going to make any advances in this game. I have no chance in hell of getting a guy to like me, so there's no point even trying.

Now it's easy enough to accept this and move on when I'm the only person concerned. However, it's a completely different story when other people get involved. And that's what I'm scared about. I'm going home in a month's time, after a long hiatus...and I'm sure (just like the last time) every one will expect me to be half way up the aisle. "Is there anyone special we should know about, PR?", "So how's the love life men? Any gossip? *wink wink*", "What?! You still haven't got a boyfriend? What are you waiting for child?", "So you'll be graduating soon no? Time to get married and settle down!"...sigh I could go on for hours.

All these years (I mean this isn't a new occurrence by any means) I've been able to fend off the interrogations with "Oh but I'm only [insert age here]!" or "Too busy to think about boys, Aunty!"...but I don't know if these will work any more, especially with most of my friends getting hitched. I'm out of practice on the whole 'making excuses for my existence' front. And it's making me dread the trip home.

So what can I do? I'm tempted to tell anyone who asks that I'm actually a lesbian and my girlfriend is a stripper at a lap-dancing club here. That should shut them up. But woe betide if they actually believe poor parents! I could retort with the "well find me someone then!" line, but then they actually might, and that's a recipe for disaster. After that I'm all out of ideas.

Sigh, combine this and my weight issue and I've got enough dread to make me not want to go home at all. AAAARGH.


  1. I have contemplated a similar approach, i.e. telling people I only date pre-op trannies or something like that. Problem is that the moronic relatives I have back in SL are more than likely to believe it so...yeah, my poor family. "Aney sin no? Honda Sinhala kollek hoya ganna thibuna".

    All I can say is...goodluck dealing with it, and let me know if you have any tips!

  2. hmm.. I'm sure when the time is right everything will find it's way to you..:)
    you do sound a lot like me too in this post..:) as for the weight issue, I'm the

    so how was the weekend?

  3. :) ur pessimism is quite common actually.. but honestly, ive seen ppl with the looks and personality of dead leaves getting into relationships, so im sure someone with ur intellect and sense of style is more than capable of it to.. its jus a matter of stepping out there n trying..

    as for marriage.. many o my frens goin thru da same thing.. all u can do is pretend to be all mature abt it n just stick it thru.. :D

    or u can use a bit o photoshop and lie...... >:D

  4. don't let the haters get you down. relationships are overrated :)

  5. Darwin - Hahahahaha I do recall we have discussed this before. I might actually ask my parents if it's ok for me to use this answer! They probably won't mind, to be honest.

    LD - Thanks :-) And I'm glad it's not just me seeing the similarities! :D Weekend was great, Shorty's one of my bestest friends and it was great to sit and talk nonsense with her :-)

    Gehan - Thanks for the vote of confidence :-). It's surprisingly hard/impossible though! For some reason I just don't show up on the male radar. And hehe yes this 'pretending to be mature about it' isn't something I do well! :P

    DeeCee - hehe indeed! Easy for you to 'committed' ppl are a bloody nuisance I tell you! :D

    PP - hehe thanks :-) I can kinda handle the 'no relationship' thing...but other people seem to have a problem with it and that's what I can't handle! Sigh.


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