Sunday, November 02, 2008

Skinny people have issues too

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I called a relative back home today - they had lost a loved one a few weeks ago and my texts hadn't got through, so I called to sympathise in person. They've known me since I was waddling around in a nappy, so it was nice to talk to them. Until, of course, they asked the dreaded question.
So, have you put on any weight?
I mean what the...?!?!?! Why is everyone on this planet obsessed with my weight? I'm not dead or dying, isn't that good enough for you?!?!?!?

It's taken me long enough to get rid of my weight complex without having people making me feel guilty for not being curvy.

OK, rant over.


  1. its just a question asked when sri lankans run out of conversation. don't stress :)

  2. PseudoRandom : ditto .. agree agree agree .. infuriating :)

  3. Funnily enough they ask the Exact same question to fat/normal-sized people so that they can then tell them they should *lose* weight. I agree completely with DeeCee.

  4. thats nothing compared to the confident statement made by all visiting relatives "my he's grown taller!"

    no he hasnt.

    ive been 5'9" for the last 7 years. dont rub it in dammit!

  5. Haha, awww...believe me I wish I had your particular problem of being skinny!
    Today my grandma called me and said "Ah have you put on weight darling? I heard you've been eating alot".
    What the - ?
    How could she have heard about my eating habits!
    Asians are obsessed with weight...if I don't eat my dad thinks I'm anorexic, if I do eat they tell me I'm going to get fat. We just can't win.

  6. I can soo relate. Everytime I came down to SL, every relative/family friend HAD to comment on the skinny issue. Used to drive me nuts, but I am happy being thin, than fat at this age where all my friends seems to be getting bigger and bigger. So don't fret it :)


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