Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am

Listening to: 'The Finish Line' by Snow Patrol [Eyes Open]

...borrrrrrrrrred. I should be working on my conference poster. I should have my dinner (goodness knows I'm starving). I should have a bath. I should get some laundry done. I should wash the coffee mug sitting next to me. I should vacuum my carpet. I should clean the toilet.

But I am a lethargic slob who would rather sit at her computer and blog about all the things she should be doing but can't be arsed enough to.

Hmm ok me go have dinner. And then I'll probably procrastinate some more. Whyyyyyyyyyyy? Need motivation. Motivate me, someone. Anyone? Sigh.

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  1. Hi PSEUDORANDOM, you do not need to envy me, I was visiting your university last year and I love the place! I was supposed to be there this year as well but things changed! Perhaps next year.
    One thing you can envy though, is my place, not a speck of dust nor an unwashed plate or cup. (My Mom and Miss Fukuoka does the work!, I help a little!)
    Thank you for visiting my blog


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