Monday, November 10, 2008

Read at your own peril

Listening to: my sobs

I indicated. I waited for a lull in the traffic and I fucking indicated, dammit! And I had lights and everything...can't you see a flashing red light moving across the road?! I can't help it if you're as blind as a bat. Scrap that, bats have radar, they would've sensed that there's someone trying to change lanes and they would've slowed down instead of speeding ahead and then tooting the horn as if it was my bloody fault. You're supposed to keep your eyes on the road, dimwit. Not stop in the middle of the road and ask me what I was doing. Asshole. What the hell were you doing? Scratching your balls, probably. Goodness knows they're bigger than your brain. Thank goodness I saw the reflection of your headlights on the road and I slowed down. Else I probably wouldn't be typing this post now. I can't believe you had the fucking audacity to blame me. I don't know whose right of way it was, and frankly I don't care. Having the right of way doesn't give you the right to run me over. You weren't remotely nearby when I signalled and attempted to change lanes the way everyone does.

You hate students on bikes? Well I hate you too, so we're even. If I wasn't afraid of the repercussions I would've done something to show you how scared you made me. Bloody hell 10 mins later and I'm still shaking. I hope you have as miserable an evening as I will now have because of you.

Gah I hate it when my Buddhist principles go on holiday.


  1. Sounds awful, I hate that shaky feeling afterwards.

    I reckon a nice hot shower and some chocolate to help you snap out of it, no point letting it spoil the rest of your evening...

    Or feeling bad about Buddhist principles going on holiday!

  2. Hehe thanks Darwin! I had already started on the chocolate when I saw your comment, and yes, it helped! Chocolate is definitely the most amazing thing on the planet.

    And yeah I tend to get annoyed about getting annoyed (because I've worked so hard to calm my temper) and it all spirals out of control. I'm calm now though :-)

  3. oh my...
    hey atleast you're alright! :)
    I hate that shaky feeling too.. it sure has happened to me a few times....
    like Darwin said, a good shower and chocolates indeed!!! :)

    your Buddhist principles only went on a holiday woman! they'll be back in no time:)...


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