Monday, January 11, 2010

Touching base

Listening to: 'Mr. Man' by Alicia Keys with Jimmy Cozier [Songs in A Minor]

I'm back. My first thought was BUDU AMMO SEETHALAIIIIIIIII!!! ("omg it's so frikkin' cold!!!") but I guess I probably should've expected that, considering how these 'Arctic conditions' have made it into the news. I'm gonna have to revisit the central heating settings in the flat...this 'wearing leg warmers on my forearms' thing isn't something I think I can maintain.

But yeah, on with the post. I hope you all had a drama-free beginning to 2010. For what it's worth, I'm gonna call it 'twenty ten'...yeah I'm cool like that. I just noticed I've been saying "yeah I'm cool like that" a lot. I wonder where I got it from. Hmm. Anyway, as I was saying (or not), my holiday was...a mixed bag really. An emotional rollercoaster; but then could I expect anything less from a trip home? I'm too tired to elaborate right now, but expect the next few posts to focus on various observations from my time in the Small Miracle. This post was only ever supposed to be a way to stave off the jet lag while the pasta boiled, and now that that's done, so am I.

But be warned: the evil babushka is back.


  1. You're back! yay! :D

    P.S. I never got the babushka joke... Are you a communist or something? :P

  2. After the heat here, a little seethalainess is welcome! :)
    Also, you were missed in the blogosphere. Welcome back :)

  3. It's cold isn't it?! But be thankful - you're getting the milder side of it! It has been absolutely freezing here! FREEZING! So damn cold!

    So pleased you're back! 2010 is my Cambridge year! :) x

  4. Hhahah that was exactly my thought when I got back. Cold, it was!


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