Saturday, February 05, 2011

I am a horrible person

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Is it bad that I roll my eyes and barf a little inside every time my female friends mention their mothers-in-law? Oh don't bother answering...rhetoric q, I know it's bad. Horrible, in fact. I don't want to become one of those 'feminazis' that looks down at those who've decided to tie the knot...but that's exactly what I feel myself turning into. I suppose it doesn't help that I see every man's mother as the devil incarnate. There are degrees, obviously (South Asians tend to be the worst, although Europeans aren't entirely faultless either)...but no exceptions so far (ok maybe one, but that just proves the rule). I feel my neck tense up every time I hear about some woman fussing over her grown son. Cut that umbilical cord already, you stupid cow! Ugh.

My mother is mildly amused at all this rage I'm displaying. My father stays quiet, 'cos he knows that the nonsense coming out of my grandmother's mouth only serves to validate my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I love my grandmother to bits...but seriously, she puts my mother through hell.

I know that as the days go by and I get even more set in my ways and even more opinionated (is that even possible?), the chances of me meeting a guy who can put up with me decrease exponentially. So basically, I'm gonna turn into not just a feminazi, but also a condescending bitch who thinks she's too good for all the men she meets. Oh well, whatever.


  1. And someday you'll have a son of your own aaaand you'll fuss over him and spoil him like nothing. ;)

  2. Chavie - I usually wait until a few ppl have commented before I reply, but I thought I should dispel your theory before it gains momentum :P I will not be spoiling any child of mine. My undergrads will attest to that :P Also, my bestie and I have promised to warn each other if we're in danger of becoming stereotypical South Asian mothers :P Also #2, since I'm not gonna get married, I'll be adopting...and I'll be adopting a girl, so there won't be any son to deal with :P
    Any questions? :D

  3. :D :D :D

    I'm sure my mom had the same sort of resolve once upon a time too... but it seems that actually having a baby changes everything. ;)

  4. Haha don't flatter yourself :P And you underestimate how stubborn I am.

  5. I have serious moments of doubt when it comes to kids... especially as am afraid I will end up spoiling a son.. :S

    That said, my mum-in-law is absolutely awesome, goes all "meh" to hubby and spoils *me* rotten. Another exception, I think. But seriously, hearing all the MIL issues my friends go through, I am very lucky. Maybe you should come meet her sometime!

  6. Turn a blind eye and ear. Act deaf if you must, but when ur at ur own place, he should know that the same amount of work u put in to keep the house clean has to be put in by him...and that means his plates don't get cleaned automatically when it's dumped in the sink, same goes with his cups and glasses and any utensil he uses.

    You'll get a 0_o look from him the first time or two, just look back like this -_- and things fall in place :D Trust me ;)

  7. Angel - Hehe aww :-) I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees these MIL issues. You are very lucky!

    That girl - That is sound advice, but as I'm just observing my friends' relationships, I can't say anything! If I try and share my opinion, I get the "oh what do you know, you've never even had a boyfriend" treatment, so I just keep quiet now :-| And like I said, I'm probably not gonna get married so the situation won't arise for me. I'm glad it works for you! :-)

  8. I am in total agreement with you when it comes to South Asian mothers not letting go of their kids - even after marriage. Thank God I escaped Asia, and I don’t let my mom poke her nose in my “family” affairs. My MIL is a sweetheart - So I have been lucky.

    I disagree with you in you turning in to a feminazi, your character is what defines you – and trust me, I lurrve women with attitude. I’m sure you will find guys who can put up with all that – they are the ones who can stand up to their nosy mothers and tell them to mind their own business. ;)

  9. Serendib_Isle - A ha...a male who agrees! :D I think yeah distance makes things easier for a couple; the majority of my married friends live in SL so they're in close proximity of their MILs.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I hope you'll understand that I'm sceptical :-). I've had my guy friends tell me "I like a girl with attitude, but yours is a bit too much :P" so I dunno. We'll see...I'm not holding my breath.

  10. i do that A LOT.
    since ive been put to sail on the marriage sharriage boat already. urgh and sometimes i wonder IF a man who ends up with me would really put up with my wildwoman snappy ways and my quick temper that i have inherited.
    and i also know am too good for the darkktallhandsome. oh.

  11. LOL! I knwo what you mean. Sometimes though I think my friends don't tell me enough about their MILs even though I can see it just because I don't have to deal with it yet! :)

  12. GG - Haha you and me both, love!

    Scrumps - Mine (well some of them) don't shut up about it. I think I need earplugs.


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