Sunday, October 29, 2006

More procrastination

Listening to: 'En Aranjuez Con tu Amor' by Il Divo [Ancora]

Nothing much to say at the moment. I should really prepare for next week's supervisions but instead I've managed to spend the whole weekend doing nothing. Oh I bought a pair of boots - very nice. But yeah, other than that, nothing. I'm spending way too much time on Facebook.

I decided to move (well, copy really) all my poems from deviantART to a new blog, Mind Over Matter. Don't ask why, I don't really know...I think I was just trying to find ways to waste time. It also made me realise that I haven't written anything since March 2005!!! That's disgraceful. I really need to do something about it...I used to be such a prolific poet (if you could call me that). Hmm maybe now that I'm effectively jobless I can find time to write. Oh screw that, haven't even found time to start teaching myself Tamil yet! Grrr...

OK I'm fed up of procrastinating now. I will go and do some work. Promise. Just after I check Facebook........


  1. Procrastination is theraputic... in moderation :-D

    Good luck with learning Tamil... i'm very fluent in Tamil (reading, writing and speaking, but not sure in SL Tamil is the same as Indian Tamil.. is it?

    As for your fav quote.. I just hope you are not walking off a cliff.. :-)


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