Sunday, April 29, 2007

A farcical end to a farcical cup

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Oh well, what to do. Hats off to Adam Gilchrist, he was amazing. Not that our boys were bad...our bowling wasn't exceptional, but it wasn't disastrous; our fielding was iffy at times, but decent overall...and Sanath and Sanga gave us hope, until the rain.

It wasn't our day, however...rain, losing the toss, more rain, perfect batting conditions for Australia, sudden appearance of swing for the Aussie bowlers, MORE rain...Australia took every freebie they could get. They played brilliant cricket and thoroughly deserved to win. We played exceptionally well throughout the the entire tournament, and I don't believe there's any shame in the runners' up spot.

In fact, I think if you exclude Australia from the equation, we are the best. And that's not such a bad place to be...such is the invincibility of this Aussie World Cup squad. As Rahul Bhattacharya said in his cricinfo verdict:
If the finale was bizarre and shambolic, it was also ultimately scary. If the Australians are going to keep this up there is no point lopping a week or ten days off the next World Cup. It may as well be scrapped altogether.
The game suffers when one team monopolises the stage...let this be a call to the others to make a concerted effort to out-think, outplay, and outdo the kings of cricket.

On a slightly different note...did anyone else notice that Percy Sonn failed to mention Bob Woolmer in his closing speech? Disgraceful. Heartless officials, clueless umpires, relentless weather...surely the World Cup final deserved more than this?

Oh well, what to do. Time to get back to that degree of mine, I suppose.

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