Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The fugly friend

Listening to: 'Love Is Stronger Than Pride' by Sade [The Best of Sade]

...is moi. You know, the one who always hangs around her pretty friends, always getting in the way. The one who sees through all the guys' attempts to get with her friends, and doesn't offer to put in a good word for them, unless she thinks the friend is gonna respond positively. A female cockblocker, as it were.

This is so frikkin' retarded.


  1. lolz! :* I'm SURE you're not FUGLY. Hello..!!

  2. Just live your life the way you always did!! :D
    and if you're a cockblocker, be really good at it..:D

    maybe my comment is reflecting on my insanity at the moment due to a lot of studying??? :P

  3. you're not fugly! and haha whooo you cockblocking? anything I should know about?! v

  4. Hahaha thanks girls :D

    In reality, I don't think I'm 'the fugly friend'. I used to, but I'm becoming more comfortable in my own skin now :-).

    Sometimes though, the things some people say and do and the way they treat me makes me think that they see me as a fugly friend/cockblocker...and that irritates me, hence the post. I don't think I'm a cockblocker either...unless your definition of cockblocker is anyone who's not a wing(wo)man!

    DeeCee - :-)

    LD - Haha thanks for the advice...if and when I do become a cockblocker, I'll keep it in mind ;-). Good luck for the rest of your exams!

    v - Hehe you already know this story too well. We always joke about it but it got on my nerves a bit the other day (you may have noticed?), hence the rant :-).

  5. cockblocker?!?!word of the week.. lol.. hilarious...

  6. You're certainly not fugly! I can't comment about the cockblocking though, since I don't know the insider details of it all!


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