Saturday, December 06, 2008

'My curious bodyclock' and other (extremely) short stories

Listening to: 'Beat Control' by Tilly and the Wall [Beat Control]

So I don't seem to be able to sleep early these days. It's been past 1am every night this week. No I'm not an insomniac...when my head hits the pillow I'm off like a light. It's the transition between "hmm I should get to bed soon" and "zzzz..." that takes ages. And I need eight hours of sleep every night. It is physically impossible for me to wake up for the alarm until I've had 8hrs of sleep. Curiously enough, this didn't happen in Brighton - I managed to wake up with just 5hrs with no problem - I suppose it was the unfamiliar surroundings that did the trick. But yeah...I'm not sure how to fix this problem. And no, multiple alarms/really loud alarms etc. will not work. You're talking to someone who has slept through everything but a bomb (I woke up when the LTTE blew up a transformer down our road in the middle of the night - exciting stuff).

From bodyclock to bioclock. My hormones are usually very well behaved. Why not now? Me is confused.

Shades of Jade was questioning patriotism recently. Today at my lab group xmas party, one of my old PostDocs was going on about his visit to Bentota a couple of years back, and how Sri Lanka has the most beautiful beaches he's ever seen, along with the tastiest food he's ever eaten and the nicest people he's ever met (admittedly he was after more than a few glasses of red by then, but still...). If I were to give patriotism a face, it would be the absolutely massive grin I had on mine while listening to him. If I were to give patriotism a beat, it would be that of my heart thumping with pride that someone would have such nice things to say about my darling country.

Why do I have so many clothes that can't go in the washing machine? I did not come to university to spend most of my time handwashing! I need to take some of these back home though, so I should probably do some washing over the next few days.

I think DeeCee and LD were right - the second practice was far more successful (on a personal level) than the first. And damn we sound good, if I may say so myself :D

I'm cooking for some colleagues tomorrow. 12 in total. Never cooked for so many. And even in small quantities, my cooking is in a word - mediocre. But they're insisting on being introduced to Sri Lankan cuisine. Thankfully since they don't know what it's supposed to taste like, they won't have anything to compare it with ;-).

Hmm 5 extra short stories. Enough no? I think the inertia has finally lifted and I'm off to bed. I'll leave you with 'Dog Days Are Over' by Florence and the Machine. I just love the drum beat :-).

Oh bugger, it's past 1am again. D'oh!


  1. My sleeping cycle is really messed up as well these days!
    Usually fall asleep as soon as I get home from work, wake up at 11.30, have dinner and then go about doing my stuff/mooch around till 3am.
    My dad's still recovering from coming across me doing my laundry at 2.30 in the morning.

  2. I never had problems with sleeping :) thanks for the advice on my last post :) hope the dinner went well. are florence and the machine indie?

  3. GF - Laundry at 2.30am? Wow that's dedication...or was it desperation? ;-)

    DeeCee - No problemo :-) Dinner went surprisingly well, methinks. At least no one has got food poisoning yet, to my knowledge! Yes FatM would be classed as indie, I think. My music taste tends to be influenced by what's on the radio and indie gets a lot of airplay on BBC Radio 1!


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