Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coming Full Circle

Listening to: 'The Loving Kind' by Girls Aloud [Out of Control]

It's been two years since I last went home. In those two years (in chronological order)...
  • I experienced yet another episode of unrequited love
  • My parents were in an accident
  • My supervisor said I wasn't cut out for research, and told me he was kicking me out of university
  • My grandfather passed away
  • One of my best friends moved 7,000 miles away
  • I became depressed
  • Some very close friendships were tested
  • I tried to gain weight, and failed
...and...yeah I think that's it.

However (in response)...
  • I got over it
  • They escaped with minor injuries
  • I proved my supervisor wrong, and made it back onto the PhD
  • Anicca vata sankhara - uppada vaya dhammino ("Impermanent truly are compounded things, by nature arising and passing away.")
  • She's back
  • I'm only slightly depressed now
  • The friendships survived
  • I told the world to go screw itself and decided I was happy with my weight
In addition...
  • I had a wonderful trip to Austria and Italy
  • I got back in touch with some old friends (Hello Darwin! And thanks V :D)
  • I visited some beautiful parts of Scotland
  • I had the best time of my life in New York
  • I got upgraded on a transatlantic BA flight
  • I had an awesome 25th birthday in the Lake District with friends surrogate family
  • I saw Matchbox Twenty live
  • I saw John Mayer live
  • I saw Diana Krall live
  • I saw Black Kids and Ladyhawke live
  • I got a free trip to Brighton
So yeah. It's been an up-and-down sort of two years. But it feels like I've finally tied up most of the loose ends. I won't say I'm perfectly happy now, but I'm kinda back to where I was before, just stronger. The true test will be when I go home next week, and I have to deal with the inquisitiveness, pettiness and superficial nature of Colombo culture. Hopefully the past two years have toughened me up sufficiently.


  1. Good luck on the drama! I'm sure we'll run into each other via V and the chain of Lankan friends we share sometime:D

  2. there seems to be a general stigma about the 'colombo culture'.. i wouldnt know, im from da hills.. lol.. but seriously, ur 25, u seem like an intelligent and mature gal.. u can handle these things.. everyone has family issues... its jus somethin we all gotta go thru :)

    btw seriously, how much DO u weigh?! jus outta curiousity, since u mention it so much... :)

  3. N - Thanks! Yeah I hope we bump into each other, it would be nice to finally meet you!

    Gehan - Hehe yeah 'Colombo culture' does seem to be quite notorious. I think it's easier to deal with when you get used to it, but I've spent the past 6 years in a place where everyone generally minds their own I'm outta practice! And I was about 42kg about a month ago :-). Oh and 'intelligent and mature'? (Wow I'm good at this charade! :D) Hehe thank you :-)

  4. I like this post, it's a very constructive one. Just goes to show that sometimes it IS possible to learn and grow from the hardships that we face and emerge on the other side as a stronger person. It's one of the best posts on your blog I reckon :)

    It's been brilliant getting back in touch with you too! Also, welcome to the 42kg club :D (but then again you knew I was a card-carrying member anyway!)

  5. well I'm glad you enjoyed getting reacquainted with Darwin at least :S i think she traumatized the rest of the wee laddies!! :D

  6. I agree with Darwin here... this post is the way a guy's mind thinks -- so good for you! :P

    In fact you should add the following after the Brighton bit: "Thought cogently, constructively and realistically. Like a guy!"

    But seriously, shit happens, it's what we do _afterward_ that defines us.

  7. Darwin - I'm glad you like it! I like it only occurred to me a few weeks back that I'm feeling good about myself again, and this was a good way of summarising everything that's happened since I last felt that way. I think it's essential that we learn and grow from hardships...what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and all that jazz.

    V - Hahaha yeah I must say that was highly entertaining :D (Well for you and me, maybe not so much for the boys ;-) )

    Sid - so guys think in bullet points? I should've known :D And who said that 'thinking cogently, constructively and realistically' was an exclusively masculine character trait? :P


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