Monday, June 22, 2009

Just your average Saturday

Listening to: Radio 1

The Scene: Somewhere on the London Underground
I'm bounding up the stairs, thinking "Shit shit shit, why didn't I leave sooner? Me and my time management, or lack thereof. Why are these buffoons walking so slowly?! Get out of my way, fool! It's ok I'll blame the Sri Lankan genes, she'll understand...I hope." As I reach street level, my phone buzzes with a voicemail. The message is along the lines of...
"I'm so sorry, I'm running a bit late...typical Sri Lankan timing! See you soon!"
Dammit, she stole my excuse.
So yes, some of you will know that I met Scrumpy over the weekend. We met up in the capital and she took me to a quaint little café with the most amazing cakes. We sat in the corner of the tiny underground room (yes, very clandestine blogger rendezvous-esque, I know) and ordered, um, milky coffees...right Scrumpy ;-) ? We chatted for about an hour about loads of things...blogging, bloggers, work, men...heck we even solved all the problems back home!

Lunchtime arrived, and we made a pact for her to visit the 'bridge soon, said our goodbyes and went our separate ways...she carried on with the rest of her day, and I met up with Shorty and went and checked out the Ferrari Store and Hamleys. I ♥ Regent Street.

After that, I made my long overdue pilgrimage to the Abercrombie & Fitch store...sigh, such hawtness *drool*. Was told (well, yelled at, rather)
"I like you. RED! Gorgeous!"
by a man dressed in a pirate suit outside Hamleys (yes I was the only one wearing red nearby, it was definitely for me :P ). Saw a man having a heart attack outside another shop (I saw him again later, he had regained consciousness, and the paramedics were looking after him). Then I met up with Bang Bang and spent lots of money at TopShop, and then sat with some post-rally pro-LTTErs on the tube (more on that later).

All in a day's work, really!


  1. :O
    you met The Scrump? :P
    is she really as scrumpulicious as she claims to be? :D

  2. Underground rendezvouses, designer shopping, pirates..!
    Posh stuff ah. I'm jealous. :D

  3. Fallen: U stole my question!!

    thats ur average saturday?!?! i wonder how much more detail wud be ur exciting / eventful saturday!

  4. Two girl bloggers, in a shady joint, drinking god knows what (that ";-)" scared me mate! lol)... I'm pretty sure all the Russian spies were in the next table! ;) :D

  5. thesinglecouple7:10 am, June 23, 2009

    Interesting life you have, hah?? =D

  6. Lol! I will put my version of our rendezvous up in a bit! :-P

    And St: I'm nowhere near as scrumpulicious as I claim to be! :-P

  7. Ah ah mee

    Trying to show up our humble meet ups over here neh?

    Hari balaagamu!


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