Friday, June 12, 2009

Good news!

Listening to: 'Amber' by 311 [From Chaos]

I am forcing myself to sit down and blog. Otherwise it'll never get done. Kinda like Facebook. And txt messages on my phone. And emails from friends. I reply some and not rhyme or reason to it. Bizarre. Yeah I'm weird.

Swiftly moving on...

I FOUND A PLACE TO LIVE!!! It's a small studio flat...the living area is a bit more than twice the size of my current room, and there's a tiny kitchenette and a nice bathroom. The fridge is bigger than the fridge I currently share with all my housemates! And it's only a few lanes away from where I am right now, so distance to the lab won't be a problem.

Ah I'm so excited! I've wanted out of this place for a while now. No more dirty kitchen worktops, dirty bathrooms...boys who forget to put the seat up before they relieve themselves, lazy buggers who won't put the rubbish out...I can't wait. I'm moving in exactly a month's time so I need to start sifting through this mess of a room and throw out stuff I don't need. And then I need to enter the world of energy providers (i.e. gas and electricity), broadband providers (any recommendations? I've heard they're all mostly crap) and possibly insurance.

Oh yeah and all that in the midst of organising departmental events, getting my visa extended and getting some research done. Lovely.

But hey, at least I won't be homeless, right? :-)


  1. Yaaaay. Welcome back, you silly coot!
    And as for your question about that sketch version of you.. the hair, the tights, the rose, all Poison Ivy implications! :P

  2. Totally agree.. havin ur own place rocks!
    So many beneifts startin from only havin to wipe pee off the toliet seat before a dump n not gettin complains from your roommate that the chick ur banging is screamin cos she's trying to fake a orgasm

    Broadband (I mean internet, not an all girl music group) I think Dialog rocks although SLT is cheaper

  3. lol, glad you aren't gonna be homeless, weirdo! :D ;)

  4. not to mention ur active social life.... :P

  5. Mak - aaaaaaaah :-) tee hee :D

    Girigoris - Can't say the benefits I'm looking at are the same as yours, but I see where you're coming from :-). And thanks for the tip, but I'm not in SL so I don't have access to either!

    Chavie - Thank you! Now go study :P

    G - like you can talk :P

    LD - Thank you! :-)


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