Sunday, June 14, 2009

'Stressed' is 'desserts' spelt backwards

Listening to: Radio 1

Conjunctivitis. Sinusitis. And now a fungal infection and disobedient skin. My immune system seems to have gone on holiday. The all-knowing parents are blaming the stress...or it could be diabetes, apparently :-|.

So a change in lifestyle is in order. Bring on the fruits, veg and water...and bye-bye to the sweets (eek!). OK maybe not 'bye-bye', but some time apart, at least. Eating 'healthy' is soooo not me. I'm used to eating however much I want, of whatever I want, whenever I want. Oh well.

I hope this works. I've got enough on my plate as it is.


  1. "enough on my plate"....?!

    PR... shame on u.. i expect better from u! :D

    tsk tsk, why do women jus NOT take care of themselves?

    dnt answer that :P

  2. Fungal infection?
    HOW MANY TIMES have I told you to scrub between the toes, child? But do you listen?! Nooooo!

  3. Come on, eating healthy is not that bad as long as mom brings them prepared to you. You can demand she brings them to you!

  4. Erm... Conjunctivitis? Sinustis? Fungal infection?!

    And you think I want to meet for a coffee?! Yeah right! :-P

  5. well look at the positive side, if you get swine flu your immune system will prolly not overreact and you won't die! :D (bad joke... blame xkcd!)

    and you, a diabetic? *raises eyebrow* but you get plenty of exercise and your a skinny kiddo! :( on behalf of the skinny kiddos' association I'm pretty outraged! ;(

  6. I have never known anyone who lives alone eating healthy. Unless you are a monkey living on fresh fruit.
    Good luck with all the good intentions – you could stick to a healthy diet once you move to the new place if you start practicing now...

  7. G - oh c'mon, how could I not use that line?! :D

    Mak - sowwy Mother :-(

    Sachintha - can I also 'demand' that you give me the money to pay for my mother's ticket to come here and cook for me? :D

    Scrumpy - tee hee :D I trust I didn't infect you with anything deadly? :D

    Chavie - I refuse to blame xkcd...that demented sense of humour is all yours :P

    Serendib_Isle - sigh yeah I guess you're right. Yeah fingers crossed...

    St. Fallen - oh dear, how much sugar have you had today? :P


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