Sunday, September 27, 2009


Listening to: cookies being devoured (by myself)

I've grumbled a bit about 'everyone' getting married, I know. But I have to say, with each wedding I've been invited to so far, I've been made to feel really really special. It may not be anything more than a nice gesture on the couple's part, but it's made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The fact that these people value my friendship so's a bit hard to believe, to be honest. With every metaphorical turd that's flung in my direction, it's moments like this that make me think I must've done something right along the way.

I guess that's what friends are for, eh? :-)


  1. Why wouldn't anyone want to be your friend?! You are lovely! Bless your heart! :)

  2. What Scrumpy said....
    You are abs fab! =)

  3. The only apparent reason they wouldn't want to be your friend is because you use blogger.

  4. LD - :-)

    Scrumpy, Chavie, Sabby - aww thanks :-)

    Jerry - you mean apart from that...
    ...Aww :D


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