Sunday, September 06, 2009

Love is a tagfest

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I've been tagged by the Divine Lady herself. It took me a bit of soul-searching to come up with something, and in the process I discovered that I've turned into a cynical old fart. Oh well.

Anyway, on with the tag. Love is... amazingly corny comic strip that's been going for almost 40 years!

If you want more, see GoComics
Sorry, I couldn't resist :D.

Jokes aside, I tried to think of a definition and all I could come up with was this...

...everything my parents share with each other and with me, and I with them.

Open tag, and I dare you to try and beat TheWhacksteR's definition ;-).


  1. Awww @ parentsy definition. You big cheeseball, you. :D

  2. NOTHING beats Whacko's definition
    and your post is kinda like mine...
    kinda :P

  3. Mak - :D I'm only a cheeseball when it comes to them :-)

    St. Fallen - oh yeah? And when are we gonna see this amazing post of yours? :P


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