Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Intimidator

Listening to: 'My Baby Just Cares for Me' by Nina Simone [Little Girl Blue]

Yes I think that would be a good supervillainess name for me. I can picture it now:
Scarier than a nightclub bouncer.
More stern than a menopausal schoolmarm.
And able to repulse South Asian men with a single glance.
Look, down the supermarket aisle!
It's a geek!
It's a freak!
It's The Intimidator!!!
Yeah yeah I know it's tenuous...humour me, please?

But seriously, what is with the Sri Lankan guys working at the supermarket?! Is reciprocating a smile from a girl from their home country a violation of their contract or something? They've handled my credit card so they've seen my surname...I'd say it's pretty damn obvious where I'm from! I'm not asking that we become best buddies...if that had been my intention, I would've initiated a conversation a long time go...but is returning a polite pleasantry too much to ask for? Honestly!

It brings back memories of parties I used to go to in Colombo. Horrid affairs. I'd get introduced to a guy and I could predict how long it'd take him to find an excuse to disappear. OK I can handle that once, maybe twice...but every frikkin' time?!?!?! And of course it only got worse after coming to Cambridge (as I mentioned waaay back in this post). It got so bad that once when I was on holiday in SL, I was invited to a party and I asked my parents to make some 'plans' so I wouldn't have to go.

So yeah, I guess it's nothing to do with the supermarket guys. Or the Cambridge phenomenon. It's Ms. Supervillainess over here that's got all the issues. Who would've thunk it, eh? Gah.

Meh. I'm outta here. I've got people to intimidate.


  1. awww *huggles* Pseudo... if they don't wanna talk to you it's their loss! :/ I mean if they judge you just like that you're better off not being friends with them! :)

    on an unrelated note, whenever I see the words 'Sri Lankan' and 'Smile' I always thing about this article! lol :D

  2. Aw it's not your fault!
    I think they're probably scared 'cause over here, if a guy just smiles in the wrong way at an adultish woman, he runs the risk of kinda being pulverized by the girth of her handbag. :D

  3. you don't intimidate me! ^_^
    your powers are useless against..

  4. Oh what do they (Sri Lankan guys that is!) know?!

    I will be in Cambridge pretty soon! :)

  5. *HUGS!* We love ypu :)
    I'll be your ever-willing & equally if not more freaky sidekick :D
    We shall call me Teh FreakShoe.
    The freak... with shoes. :)

  6. Chavie - Hehe yeah I know, it's just the lack of courtesy that's annoying. That was a nice article!

    Mak - Quite possibly :D

    ~ lo$t $oul ~ - :D

    Fallen - ok now I'm the one feeling intimidated! :P <(*.*<)

    Scrumpy - you have a very valid point! :D And yayyyy! :-)

    Dee - well I'm glad someone's amused! :P

    SWEC - ooh I can see the movie already! :D


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