Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mummy (and Daddy) Cool

Listening to: 'Like You'll Never See Me Again' by Alicia Keys [As I Am]

I told my mother about this blog about a month ago. Blogging had been discussed before (I recall being asked what a blog was, and if I had one), but never in detail, and never in the context of the 'online community'. It was perhaps the community aspect of blogging that prompted me to tell her; I've always been very close to my parents, and the idea of excluding them from something that had become an important part of my life seemed somewhat unnatural. I haven't told her where it is, but then she hasn't asked either. I probably wouldn't tell her if she did ask, but that's a non-issue at present.

I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive. A part of me was anticipating the "but there are freaks on the internet!" response, and I was expecting some disapproval of the whole 'clandestine blogger rendezvous' thing. However, I was to be pleasantly surprised! My mother was happy that I was communicating with people outside the Cambridge bubble, completely trusting of my ability to judge character (go figure!) and perhaps most of all, thrilled that I was singing again. It's interesting to note that my parents give my 'online' friends the same attention that they give my 'offline' friends (especially considering that even I'm not sure how the whole 'online friend' thing works).

And boy, do they give my 'offline' friends a lot of attention. I'm pretty sure some of my friends chat more to my parents than they do to me. And I heard many stories about them from my friend's wedding last month...they seem to act more my age than I do! I've lost count of the times I've been told that my parents are 'cool', 'fun', 'easy to talk to', or something along those lines...naturally I'm the only one that's witnessed the 'strict disciplinarian' side :D

I was watching them today, waving at me on skype while being rather cutesy with each other. They were telling me about their escapades on the internet, and we were discussing the cricket, tennis and Whitney Houston's comeback. And it occurred to me, they really are 'cool' (albeit a tad embarrassing, at times), and I am really really lucky.

I'm not sure if it's just a bad case of homesickness, but I felt an urge to blog about them now. So there you have it.

OK I'm gonna go dry my eyes now.


  1. So, when am I going to talk to your daddy and mommy?

  2. lovely song you're listening to...

    and awww... :D

  3. like Makuluwo once said, AWWW YOU BIG CHEESEBALL!!! :D

    and they sound really cool!! :)

  4. *Hands tissue

    :) It's nice to have parents u can talk to comfortably. My mum's like that. Dad's a softie but a bit on the gruff side. lol

  5. *ponders whether parents will have a poster of the killers.....


  6. Aww. Thats tres sweet!

    I was a little apprehensive about the reaction to the 'online friends' as well. But the rents were amazingly laid back about it. Hell, I've even had a few home on more one occasion!

  7. Introduced one of my online friend who's a airhostess to my mom.. who was also on the same flight... Had a million question how i met her!!!

    I stopped introducing ppl or talking about online friends after tht.. :D

  8. Sachintha - hehe one day, maybe :P

    Delilah - :-)

    Gehan - I know, Alicia Keys is amazing. And :P

    Chavie - hehe :-)

    Cadence - Hehe yeah fathers tend to be less keen on showing the softie side :D

    Jerry - lol no they don't, but my mother knows who they are, I think :D

    Mak - :D

    gutterflower - I'm glad my parents aren't the only ones that are seemingly cool about the whole thing! :-)

    ~ lo$t $oul ~ - oh's probably 'cos you're a guy :D

  9. Where did my previously posted 'awwww' disappear to?! =S

    Awwwwwwwww =D

  10. Sabby - you left a comment earlier? It didn't come up :S Anyway...:D

  11. Awww! I think parents are a lot more open minded these days! But yours sound trés cool! :)


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