Saturday, April 18, 2009

There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't yet met.

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At least according to someone famous. I've been witness to some proper blogger camaraderie recently. The cynic in me just sees the phrase 'ego-massaging', but the rest of me soon shoots her down. Ego-massaging doesn't result in people giving you virtual hugs when you're feeling down. It doesn't result in people giving you constructive advice on practical matters. It doesn't result in you feeling genuinely happy when another blogger has a good day. I've experienced all of these (and more) first hand in the past week.

We have a weird relationship, don't we? You sit at your computer thousands of miles away (or maybe just a few) and you know how crap my day was, how insecure I am, and that I saw an incredibly hot guy on the street...and yet you don't know what my laugh sounds like, or how I dance. If we were to pass each other on the street, we'd be strangers...oblivious of each other (unless you're hot, in which case you might get a second glance ;-) )...oblivious of how much we actually know about each other.

I suppose if someone asked me what my various friendship groups were, 'bloggers' would be one. Can I really say that? Can I really say that I have a bunch of friends whose real names I may or may not know, whose faces I may or may not recognise...but I know how they feel about everything under the sun, possibly more so than the friends I meet in person? I don't know. Is this 'virtual friendship' healthy? I don't know. The pundits will probably say it's not, and that face to face contact is essential for any wholesome relationship. While virtual friendships may not be wholesome in the traditional sense, they do serve a maybe they're a good thing? I don't know that either.


  1. Virtual friendships are probably like other friendships – some peter out, others prove to be worthwhile and may even end in meet-ups that solidify a pleasing personal relationship, some may end in disappointment. And then there are those instances where you may not realize that the blogger you read is actually someone you may have met, or even know personally but fail to recognize – until perhaps you pick up a few clues and then flash on who it really is.

    Virtual friendships could be very cool!

  2. Hehe very true Java! I suppose it's not such a bad thing :-)

  3. i have often turned this over in my head, and actually had conversations with blogger frens about it.. ive come to realise that perhaps im a bit old fashioned in my thinking.. or maybe just not so secure in my self.. i just feel that im better in person, i jus dnt come across properly via chatting and emails..

    its a tough call.. i guess i would treat it with caution.. but im just a cynic.. i actually envy ppl that have the ability meet great ppl like that online..

    hmm hmm hmm.... :)

  4. Gehan...if by "don't come across properly" you mean that you give a less realistic impression of yourself online, yeah I get you...a lotta ppl say that. Then again, I think I come across more realistically online (strange as it sounds) - I'm far too shy in person to give a good first impression...most people get put off.

    And hey, you envy ppl who can make friends easily online, and I envy ppl who can make friends easily offline...I guess we're even? :-)


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