Monday, April 27, 2009

Anyone want a free degree?

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Wow I haven't blogged for a week. And I haven't done a "welcome to my world" post in ages. But...something interesting finally happened to me (yay!), so I shall take this opportunity to tell you about it :-). Lucky you.

So most of you have read this blog will know that I have a Master of (Chemical) Engineering...a degree that I worked my ass off for, for 4 years. On Saturday, I got another degree...but this time, I didn't work for it at all! Yes, I got MA (Cantab.) for doing bugger all. Woo hoo! So what's this MA (Cantab.)? Well all it does is tell people that you entered Cambridge at least six years ago, and survived. If you'd like to find out exactly what it is, that vat of knowledge has a brief overview.

Now a lot of people see this as a pretentious 'elitist Cambridge' phenomenon. I see it is a good excuse for a reunion :D. And that is exactly what I had. I met up with friends I hadn't seen in 3-4 years, and had 4 days of fun, fun, fun. There was a lot of catching up to be done...who's got married, who's had kids, who's left the country, who's joined the church...and of course the customary 'dodging questions regarding PhD'.

My friends left today. And now I feel empty. Empty because I'm lacking sleep and my brain feels fried. Empty because after having Bang Bang staying in my room since Friday, I'm alone again. And I'll have to go back to work tomorrow, stuff. Sigh.

Back to real life.


  1. AAAAARGH, degrees!
    After completing mine back in SL, I had a thought that I should do a PhD soon. But after getting into "work" mood, no more studying. No thank you!

    Hahhaha... gone are the wishes for higher education!

    But good to see you had a good time...

  2. You got a free degree?! Biatch! :S

    Hello you! :)

  3. Sachintha - hehe yeah that's why I decided to do the PhD straight after undergrad...otherwise I'd never do it.

    Scrump - Hellooooo!!! *waves frantically* :-) Tee hee now I have proof that you London types are jealous of us 'elitist Oxbridge' peeps...muahahahaha! :D

  4. Woot. Does this mean I can call you Professor now? :D

    I heart you too, Professor Crazypants!

  5. hey PR, just wanted to give you a bug report! (ain't I always the bearer of good news eh?) :D

    your twitter widget is doing an annoying username password popup thing and this can lead to people (like me... hehe) getting a bit frustrated! ;) it's got something to do with the whole 'protecting updates' thing, happened to me once too... ;)

  6. Chavie - Indeed it is! Thanks for pointing it did you fix it? And "I left Twitter" is not an acceptable answer :P

  7. lol... no I did the same thing you've done, although some of the more tech savvy people (read: Dili) might have a way to work around this problem ;)

    Sorry about leaving without telling you... I just had to at that very auspicious moment! hehe :D I'm going to miss you guys loads! *hugs* :(

  8. Bah...I'll try and figure something out :) Go study, LTP :P

  9. you like work remember! :p

    Blog more please! They're really good and thus never enough!

  10. Mak - LOL no, looong time for that...but hopefully this time next year you can call me Dr ;) That said, "Professor Crazypants" does have a certain ring to it...:D

    Anon - ah yes, but I also said that status is subject to change :D Aww thank you, I'm touched that you like what I write! :)

  11. congraaaaats on the double degrees! :)

  12. I am not jealous! I'm a UCL-er! That's enough for me! :-P You and your "elitist" bunch can go shove it! ;) (Love you really!)

  13. Sha, so smart.
    A little late congrats!


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