Thursday, April 30, 2009

Summer blockbuster time!

Listening to: 'Female of the Species' by Space [Spiders]

Most people view a trip to the cinema as a social activity. I'll accept, it's a fun thing to do as a group. But, I think a lot of people underestimate the joy to be had in going to the movies alone. In fact, there generally seems to be a negative stigma associated with publicly having fun by yourself (mind out of gutter, please :P ). I mean, what would you think if you saw someone having dinner at a nice restaurant by themselves?

After a few instances of missing out on some movies because everyone I knew had other people they could (and did) go with, I figured why should I suffer because I haven't got any peeps who are as jobless as moi? So I started going to the cinema by myself. And you know what? It's pretty damn fun :D. For starters, you actually watch the movie. And then you don't feel pressured to subscribe to the majority view about which part was best, which part sucked, who was hotter etc. You can go as early as you like and get the best seat in the house. And you can type out the first two paragraphs of your next blog post on your phone while you wait for the trailers to start ;-). It's your movie to enjoy, yours alone. Sorta like a personal treat. Of course if it really moves you, you've got tons of excess emotion afterwards...but then that's what blogs are for, right? :-)

So tonight I went by myself to see Wolverine. And predictably, I loved it. There's something about that Marvel intro that makes my heart beat just a little bit faster :-). Now all you comic geeks are probably gonna watch it and find a million and one flaws ('cos that's what you guys like to do), but for the casual fan, it was great. The acting was good, the casting was spot on (Liev Schreiber man, awesome), the special effects were funkaaay, and of course there was an abundance of hotness. Why couldn't Ryan Reynolds *drool* stay on screen for longer? Waaah. But I suppose that was balanced by the number of scenes with a topless Hugh Jackman *happy sigh*.

There are, in my mind, only two points for contention. One is that the film ended with me wanting more. I suppose that's the whole generate an appetite for whichever X-Men Origins installment comes next, but still. There has been criticism that there were too many auxiliary characters, but I thought that fitted in quite well. The other point is the theme. It is a very sad movie. There's a lot about pain...the pain of loss, the pain of knowing...and the message that physical pain is nothing compared to emotional pain. And all the way home, one song was ringing in my ears.

I wasn't planning on recording this and I haven't put a lot of effort into it (so much so that I'm not even sure I like what I've done with it). The original from 1980 is not my favourite piece of music, though I think Baz Luhrmann gave the song meaning in Moulin Rouge! in 2001. Anyway, here it is.

Thanks to Fallen for tidying the track up :-).


  1. We are soooooooooooo alike in this sense!
    I started going to movies while in my A/L class, basically for two reasons.
    a) Not everyone likes your taste
    b) Everyone's busy when you're not and vise-versa.

    So yeah, I DID enjoy it and ever since then, except when you are obliged to take your "highness" to the movie, I always preferred to go alone. As you said, actually I really started "watching" movies and it got to me so much that sometimes I'd watch it alone before going with your friends.

    Also, it gives you the added advantage of being able to cry if you feel like, doesn't it?

    And restaurants, hey, again I'm a loner!
    Sometimes I go to some restaurants and eat all by myself just for the sake of it.

  2. hey i totally agree, going to movies alone should NOT be looked down on! i do it all the time... i remember going for batman begins alone, sitting in a great seat and grinning my ass off thru the whole thing :D

    couldnt listen to the song yet, but will comment later!

  3. Watching movies alone is fun when you want to be an unbiased critic. Plus you don't have to share the popcorn. :P

    But the occasional movie outing with the gang can be pretty funtastic too!
    Like, try pouring popcorn on people below from the balcony seat and yelling 'IT'S SNOWING, IT'S SNOWINNGGG!' ;D

    Also, I likes your song! Loveleh.
    You must also soon treat us all to your version of something more upbeat one of these days.
    Like something by the Ting Tings or a Thrillaaahhh by Michael Jackson. BAHAHAHA.

  4. Yeh whts wrong with ppl going to movies alone?!?! they just want to enjoy it with the person next to you yap yap.. n go goo goo gaaa ggaa.. blah blah blah!!

  5. Sachintha - Dude, I cry at movies regardless of who's with me :D That said, it's probably a good thing I went to see Brokeback Mountain by myself...I was a blubbering wreck!

    Gehan - LOL that must be similar to the grin I had on my face throughout Iron Man :D Guy next to me thought I was cuckoo.

    Mak - PLEASE tell me when you're going to the cinema with your friends...I'll make sure I'm nowhere near :P
    Glad you like the song :) Yeah I should try another fast-ish song. It's difficult to get the beat though...I need bongos :S Stay tuned ;-)

    ~ lo$t $oul ~ - Haha not a fan of the movie-going couples, eh? :-)

  6. I am not one to give compliments - but I must confess I quite like your singing :)


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