Saturday, October 10, 2009

Please Make it Stop!

Listening to: 'The Long Day is Over' by Norah Jones [Come Away With Me]

Don't you just hate mood swings? It's the loss of control that gets me. I strive to be level-headed, rational...and the idea that a simple setback could reduce me to a blubbering emotional wreck is rather unnerving, to say the least. And by 'simple setback', I mean something trivial like a bad hair day. Or a traffic jam. Or a supervisor meeting...oh wait, that last one's not trivial, is it? Damn.

Oh well...I used to think that it was meeting my supervisor that triggered my bad mood. Maybe I should just time my meetings better?
"I'm afraid I can't meet you next week. I'm going to be in a bad mood then."
That'd work, yeah? Hmm.

The good news is, after listening to some pirith and some Norah Jones, I'm calm. The bad news is, today's 'episode' was just a warning: the next few days are gonna be jam-packed with stomach cramps, back aches and nausea. I guess there's only one thing left to do...

The images are by Half Moon Bay...their stuff is hilarious!


  1. Muahahaha. More evidence for the UMP's case of men > women! :p

  2. I think you should totally go "enforced disappearance"-y on the sup! ;)

    *huggles* man! :(

  3. I feel u men!!

  4. I know! =/
    The thing is, I hate the calm before the storm because I KNOW I'll snap's the 'when' that gets to me.

  5. Those sound like panic attacks? I used to get them all the time back in the US and still do occasionally :(...hope urs sorts itself out

  6. I SO know what you mean! I get very emotional during those times..:s so uncontrollable..:S sigh

  7. Awww! There's nothing really that we can do apart from ride it out though!

    AND FAO Jerry: I know some boys that get serious cases of PMT! :-P (And they can't even blmae it on their hormones - it's just coz they have to have "jackass moment of the month"! :-P)

  8. Ahahaha. Was lmao over the pictures.

    But yeah, like scrump said, there's nothing much to do except grit your teeth and plod on. :|

    Hope its better now though. :)

  9. Jerry - but we have unpredictable, highly motivated assassins...what do you have? :P

    Chavie - lol no way, not until I finish the PhD!

    Gehan - yes, be afraid, be very afraid! :P

    GG - thank you! :-)

    Sabby - Hehe problem is I only remember afterwards...I'd be ok if I could predict it!

    N - haha nah this was just good ol' PMS...I'm pretty sure that's not what you've got! :D thanks though :-)

    webm, LD, Dee - :-)

    Scrumpy - Hehe yeah...sigh. And LOL at 'jackass moment of the month'...wait, don't they always have that? :D

    gutterflower - I know, they're awesome, right?! :D Yeah much better, thanks :-)


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