Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Show me how you get down

Listening to: 'Horchata' by Vampire Weekend [Contra]

The UK loves choreographed 'group' dances. Whether it's a traditional ceilidh, the Hokey Cokey or the Macarena, a fun song with easy steps (and some alcohol, presumably) will be enough to get the crowd on the dance floor. The latest song to feature its own dance moves is Migraine Skank, by Gracious K. Melodically, it's nothing special...but I just can't get enough of that grime beat!

Can you spot Diversity and Flawless, of "Britain's Got Talent" fame?

Gracious K happens to be the cousin of possibly the UK's most commercially successful grime artist, Dizzee Rascal. He's just done a remake of the early '90s track Dirty Cash....you can see his version, as performed on the Live Lounge Tour, here.

Moving on from grime and on to...drum n bass. I am absolutely loving this track by DJ Fresh.

Check out the crazy dancing!

Another dnb track I'm really liking is the new one by Chase and Status featuring Plan B. They collaborated before on Pieces (which was awesome) and now they've come together again for End Credits, which is scheduled to feature in the movie Harry Brown. I haven't been able to find an official video for the single, but you can listen to it here.

I realise I've been quite heavy on the beats in this post...so to finish off, I'm gonna throw a curveball and go for something more chilled. This track is off the soundtrack to (500) Days of Summer (which I loved; how cool is Zooey Deschanel?!). It's a cult-ish soundtrack, with the likes of The Smiths, Belle & Sebastian and Regina Spektor, but my favourite is Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.

Trippy, huh?

Sigh, this song makes me wanna fly. Equally cute and trippy is Vampire Weekend's new one Horchata, which you can listen to (and download...legally!) here.

OK so yeah, those are just some of the songs I've been obsessing over lately. There are others, but I'll leave them for later. A family of frogs seems to have taken shelter in my throat, but hopefully home remedies will rectify the situation soon. I can't believe I've got freshers' flu before I've even met any freshers. How lame is that?! Ugh.


  1. LOVED Sweet Disposition. Trippayyy!
    I still didn't get to watch 500 Days of Summer =(
    Lucky you =(

  2. Love the migraine skank!

    "first you take your left hand, then you take your right hand.... " Chooooooooooon!

    Drum & Bass baby! And have you heard Chipmunk's new tune? Such a choon!

  3. Sabby - watch iiiiiiiit!!!

    Scrumpy - :D lol I know, massive choonage! And omg how adorable is Chipmunk?! In a 'I-want-you-as-my-lil-bro' kinda way. I ♥ Oopsy Daisy.


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