Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"What a girl wants...

Listening to: nothing her very own Mark Darcy, who'll like her just as she is."
OK yes yes it's soppy I know. Don't blame me, blame Jane Austen, BBC and Colin Firth.


  1. Hahhahaah funny thing happened.

    I read the heading, then that "Listening to" part. That is I read it as one sentence which went like,

    What a girl wants is listening to nothing.

    And thought, "hmm... such honesty from PR" but only then saw the sentence below. :P


  2. you really need to stop watching that stuff and GET A GRIP!!!! :P :P :P!!!


  3. I'm gonna pwn you by quoting: YOU! ;)

    "aney kiddo you're beyond help!" :D lol

  4. Eeya vut is this cheesy nonsense. :P I kill you, Jane Austen/BBC/Colin Firth!
    k maybe not Colin Firth.

  5. If u find a Mark Darcy Clone him and send him my way.

    Darcy = Drool = Perfect yet imperfect mysterious man.

  6. Sach - LOL that'll teach you to jump to conclusions :P

    Gehan - Noooo NEVAAAARRRR!!! :P Look at it this way, we know we're never gonna find such a perfect man anywhere in real life, so why not at least have him in our (day)dreams? :D

    Sabby - Aww don't be sad! :D

    Chavie - Who you calling 'kiddo', kiddo? :P And I don't need help, I need Mark Darcy! Pay attention, boy :P

    Mak - :P FYI, Jane Austen's already dead, and you can't 'kill' a corporation :D

    Cadence - IF I do, I most definitely will! Sigh yeah *drool*

  7. who said you need help? but if you want me to substitute 'Mark Darcy' in there, fine, I'll do it! :P

    "aney kiddo you're beyond Mark Darcy!" ;)


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