Monday, May 10, 2010

If liking these videos makes me a geek, then so be it.

Listening to: nothing

I should be preparing a presentation I have to deliver tomorrow morning as part of a public speaking workshop I've signed up for. But what have I spent the past hour doing? Watching these.

3.5* 'til Infinity (based on 93 'til Infinity by Souls of Mischief)

Evolution, anyone?

Oxidate It Or Love It / Electron to the Next One (based on Hate It or Love It by The Game, 50 Cent and On to the Next One by Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz)

Metabolise this!

Put Some ACh Into It (based on You Can Do It by Ice Cube)

Physiology (yeah I couldn't think of anything catchy for this one)

There are more, some brilliant, some not so much (but still good!). I think in addition to the ones I've mentioned, Regulatin' Genes and Get Taq are excellent. Hopefully this will remind some of you of the excellent Large Hadron Rap.

Obviously this isn't my subject area so I can't vouch for the accuracy of the lyrics, but the concept itself is great. If only I had a smidgen of the talent these guys have, I could rap about the design of chemical reactors tomorrow morning! OK maybe not rap...

Oh well, better get back to that powerpoint. *sigh*


  1. I would actually by a ticket lavishly spending a good 100 pounds to see you rap :P may be you should try, with a little beat boxing and some of those long baggy three quarters and a lota bling :) I love the Oxidate It Or Love It / Electron to the Next One video. Super stuff, made me crack in no time :) Better go prepare your speech now. Loved the post!

  2. Well that would be 100 quid wasted because I am not going to rap :P.


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