Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pilot episode of the Dave & Nick Show

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It has long been my belief that no single political ideology is well-suited to deal with the problems we face. The extremes put either the infrastructure or the people first, but none give them the equal importance I think they deserve. As I see it, a hybrid of these extremes provides an opportunity to achieve some form of 'balance'. I acknowledge that there's a great risk that nothing might be achieved at all...but I think that's a risk under any regime.

And this is where Britain stands today. You can say that the Tories have given in. You can say that the Lib Dems have sold out. You can even call Britain a ConDem-nation. But in reality, this coalition is a wonderful opportunity for policy makers to put petty party politics aside, and put Britain and her people first.

I'm looking forward to reading the final Coalition Agreement when it is published. In the meantime, I'll leave you with a snippet from this afternoon's press conference.

Lame jokes FTW! lol


  1. That's the beauty in the system! Brown's dignified exit, good spirited camaraderie, country definitely before self and so on. The good spirits of these British politicians (irrespective of their ideology and their intrinsic flaws) reflects a lot about the decency in their very core as opposed to the very selfish, jealous, petty and narrow mindedness of the Sri Lankan political ilk.

  2. Lets hope for the best. :D

  3. hi. im david cameron. i have a carrot up my ass

  4. There's one political ideology that works, and then there's communism.

    End of story! :P

  5. aufidius - well said :-)

    Me-shak - :-)

    greene - aww don't be's just the botox! :P

    Chavie - :P


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