Saturday, May 15, 2010

Surreal Cambridge

Listening to: 'Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)' by Alicia Keys [The Element of Freedom]

Last evening was, in a word, bizarre. First, I went for a lecture on the role of science in policy-making. The actual lecture was ok (the bits I was awake for anyway), but for me the most interesting part came afterwards. It had been mentioned earlier how civil servants have to consider natural science, social science and economics when forming policies. What came out during the post-lecture Q&A session was that when implementing these policies, politicians also have to take moral implications into account. This made a lot of sense to me, especially with regards to controversial policies such as the (re-)classification of cannabis.

I blogged about the Nutt fiasco last year, and in that post, I questioned the role of science in politics. Armed with the knowledge I acquired yesterday, I think public perception and societal morality play a much bigger role than facts and figures. For instance, I could not be a proponent of capital punishment, even if all the facts and figures in the world told me I should be. It just doesn't sit well with my conscience.

Which brings about an interesting situation. We trust doctors with our lives, because they will prescribe treatment for our ailments based on diagnostic evidence. We trust engineers and social scientists with our infrastructure, because they will design these things based on established principles. On the flip side, we trust politicians with the laws of our land, because they will define these based on what they think we consider to be just?!?! Hmm. I guess it does reinforce one thing I've touched on before though: progress in society is affected not so much by legislature, but by the mindset of the people.

So now I bet you're wondering how this constitutes a 'bizarre' evening, right? Well after that lecture, I met up with some friends for dinner, and then we went to Cindies. For the uninitiated amongst you, Cindies is one of the few clubs here...
Ze shoe. Didn't hurt as much as I expected!
known for its cheap drinks, sticky floors and cheesy music (you know it's a good night when they play the Baywatch theme). It's a lot less cheesy on Fridays than it is on Tuesdays (the student night), but also infinitely more chavvy. Some of the guys were fairly easy on the eye, but seriously...Homer Simpson has more brain cells. The girls weren't much better. I did my best to compete, with my new pair of 3.5" heels, but I think I would've had to get shit-faced and start yelling in a slurred Fenland accent to really fit in. Thanks, but I think I'll pass.

So anyway, while we were dancing we noticed a crowd was forming near the DJ booth. I initially thought it might be a fight, or the guys dressed as Captain America and Batman showing off their moves...but I was wrong. Turns out we were about to witness a live set by a certain Mr Hudson. Now I know who Mr Hudson is. Supposedly he's so tight with Kanye West that the dude named a pair of shoes after him. And we've all heard the duet with Jay-Z. To see such a high-profile up and coming artist singing in a dingy club surrounded by chavs was a little weird, to put it mildly. I always thought people who did the club appearance thing were has-beens from marginally successful 90s boy bands? I guess not.

So yeah. Bit of a random post, I'll admit. But I found it quite surreal that in the space of about 5 hours, I went from listening to the nuances of public policy making, to watching a somewhat famous popstar standing on the DJ's workstation and singing to a bunch of chavs at Cindies. At least I got to try out my fancy shoes.


  1. Ooh dah-leen, I must say, the shoe is the sex!!!
    I saw kinda the same ones but with a stiletto heal that was oh so sexy (but would definitely be more uncomfortable) but it was some insane amount which I couldn't really comprehend in my broke state.

    But in hindsight, I don't think there's any point to owning anymore three inch heels ne? *cough*

    You saw Hudson? I actually liked that Supernova song of his (♫ Let me be your supernova-a-a-a-aaaaa ♫) *jealous* :(

  2. huh.. thats the same kinda shoe that was on most of the models at the '08 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

  3. I just can't understand why you girls go through all this trouble for a shoe. I know, there is thing between girls and shoes , but :S any way, I completely agree with you about the policy making situation. It's not that great over here :( Policies are just a way of making money, sad. I hope people will come to their senses soon and realize whom they should elect and who not :D
    Great post and I agree with Sabby about the supernova song :D Would have been amazing noh?
    Good post.

  4. Clearly the shoe is getting all the attention :P

  5. England win a world cup and you don't write anything?
    Tsk tsk!

    Head over to my place, I did it for you.

  6. Sabby - :D Yeah I like the song too, but a nightclub just wasn't the right place for a gig. The ambience was all wrong :S

    Dili - Considering you were watching a Victoria's Secret fashion show, why on earth were you looking at their shoes?!

    Me-shak - 'Girls and their shoes' is like 'boys and their cars'. A safe, stable option would suffice, but that'd be far too boring.
    As for voters in can't expect a pseudo-feudal society thrust into a democratic environment to understand their 'rights', can you?

    Sach - The shoes were clearly more important :P And besides...why would I clutter my blog with a post about T20? :P


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