Saturday, September 04, 2010

The greatest of the greatest

Listening to: 'All About You' by McFly [Greatest Hits]

I went on the Amazon website 'cos I needed to download some music for my father...and I saw that they were selling a bunch of 'greatest hits' albums for £3. I am now the proud owner of...



and not forgetting...

Cheesetastic, baby!

Oh and to counteract the cheese, I also got the greatest hits albums by Stereophonics, Texas and Aerosmith. Now excuse me while I go shimmy around the room to McFly.


  1. Arrgh, Aye matey, that be some nice booty you collected :D

  2. Ahhhhh... Take That!!! (drool/swoon)!

    On a different note, am muchly miffed that Amazon doesn't ship to SL... and there's a load of cheap books I'm dying to get my hands on... sigh...

  3. whoa!!! take that and spice. HEART.

  4. Ha ha, lucky to have got those! :D


  5. I heart all of these that it's too sad for words! I might have to get the take that one! :)

  6. Dili - :D

    Angel - :D I still remember when they first started *sigh*
    Are you sure they don't ship to SL? I'm guessing the sellers won't, but the website itself should ship their own stuff no? It'd be quite expensive though, I imagine.

    Dee - w00t! :D

    Me-shak - definitely :D

    Scrumps - woman after my own heart :D


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