Friday, September 24, 2010

Post-PhD To-Do List

Listening to: 'Let The Sun Shine' by Labrinth [-]

Yes I've already begun. So far, I have...
  • Buy the Glee: Season 1 DVD
  • Get a TV (and a TV License)
  • Watch Glee: Season 2 (it starts in the UK in Jan)
  • Learn to drive
  • Learn to play guitar
Oh and there's also that other one...
  • Get a job

In the meantime, I shall get on with my thesis while listening to this awesome choon. Hate Simon Cowell all you want, but I for one am thankful that he signed Labrinth on as not just a producer.


  1. I just watched episode 1 of GleeS2!!


  2. sorry for the very late comment!

    but yes, driving! that will be fun, it's always a 'liberating' experience, and if u come to really enjoy it, it will be even better :)

    as for the job, be prepared to get frustrated.. its gnna be tough, especially these days, but be patient :)

    when u coming back down though?? :P


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