Monday, September 27, 2010

Hand over your money, your phone and your Pokémon cards

Listening to: 'Written in the Stars' by Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner [Disc-Overy]

Nah, the title isn't relevant...I was just listening to Plan B's 'Kidz' on the way home.

I cleaned my keyboard. Not just a wipe down like normal...a proper 'unscrew the back and take all the keys out' job. Oh. My. God. I have never seen so much dirt. Ewwwwwwwww. Exactly how many eyelashes am I supposed to have?

Anyway it's clean now. Smells quite lemony too. Some of the keys are a bit stiff - only the ones with springs though...maybe I put the springs back the wrong way or something. I might investigate before going to bed tonight. The spacebar is definitely dodgy.

In other news, I think I'm just a little bit in love with Tinie Tempah. He's sooooo nice! And his speaking voice *swoon*. And his body *drool*. And he likes Michael Bublé...have you ever heard of a rapper admitting that they like the Bublé? So cool. I love the new video. I know he's just jumping around on a rooftop, but still... #suchasuckerfortheswaggeryo. If only he'd lift his trousers up a bit and get rid of that earring, he'd be perfect.

Oh oh oh and remember the fit drummer of Bombay Bicycle Club that I was going on about? Turns out my mother did ballet with his aunt or something. I don't care that it was almost half a century ago, I'm using that as my claim to fame. You heard it here first.

OK I should get back to work. When will this ennnnnnnnnd?! *sigh*


  1. Keyboards are notorious for collecting much without ur knowledge.. I resort to the vacuum cleaner and the blower for mine..

    This post made me raise my right eyebrow.

  2. DUDE! The drummer from BBC is HOT! And I <3 Tiny! Did you listen to him last weeks on Moyles'? He was amazing at Radio 1Xtra live!

  3. Sabby - I'm glad...giggling is good for you :D

    Gehan - omg tell me about it. But vacuuming won't disinfect no...
    Also...right eyebrow only? Is that some kind of a party trick? Or was your left eyebrow busy doing something else? :D

    Scrumps - I KNOWWWWWWW!!! And yes of course I listened! :D Did you see the photo of the two of them? ♥ Oh and did you listen to Jo's show on Saturday? Huw was filling in and Tinie did the road trip - it's online till this Saturday so go listen! I heard the Pass Out performance from 1Xtra Live on Moyles' show, but I need to check out the video. Don't you just love how the Radio 1 site has made use of the webcam/video? Ah I'm such a groupie.

  4. Oh cmon, surely u know the raised eyebrow look of disdain :P


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