Thursday, April 13, 2006

Because you don't do work during the Punya Kaalaya

Listening to: nothing (I'm supposed to be revising, you see...)

I've been dozing off at my desk for the past few hours, so I thought I'd type up something here to wake myself up (see I knew this blog would have its uses!) It's not that I don't enjoy reading about Catalysis and the Kinetics of Desorption...probably just that I don't enjoy revising. I know I'm not the only one.

What's the Punya Kaalaya, you ask? Well, it's the time between the Old Year and the New a No Man's Land between countries. Traditionally, you're not supposed to engage in work during that time. You're supposed to be with the family and engage in religious (i.e. meritorious) activities...go to temple etc.. Well, considering I'm in bloomin' England, they're both out of the question! Unless of course this was London...but it's not. Oh well.

Was talking with Angel on Tuesday. Unavoidable circumstances resulted in her finally getting on MSN :D It was amazing to talk to her in real time after such a long time. Well OK, I did see her in December...but that was aaaages ago! And so we had the customary gossip session...a.k.a. "So what have you been up to men?" - it was quite funny, for while she's been having the time of her life...I've been quite dormant. I don't mean in a 'life in general' sort of way...instead, I'm referring to the affairs of the heart. Some of the questions she asked me led me to question myself later on. Have I resigned myself to spinster-status? Is this a problem? What am I doing with myself? What happened to my vision of getting married at 25? Where are the three kids going to come from? Am I ever going to find that someone? Am I even bothered about it?

*Sigh*...I really don't know. I've taken my own cool time healing my wounds...they're healed now, but I've aged. I am 22, I look...18 (or less?) apparently, and I feel 35. Surely this can't be right? I'm exhausted. Dealing with fickle humans is tiresome. Perhaps that's why most people avoid confrontation...a sort of 'self preservation' exercise. Back to the point. I've been out of the social 'game' for years. To be honest, I was never in the game...I was hunted down and swept off my feet (LOL thinking about it still brings a smile to my face, regardless of the massive *thud* that followed when I fell back down to Earth). Someone once said:
Relationships are less about turning heads and more about turning hearts...
Let's face it...I'm not the type to turn heads. But how do you turn someone's heart if they don't notice you're there? And how will they notice you're there without you turning their heads? Listen to me trying to turn heads! What's the point when there isn't even
a prospective object of affection/admiration/infatuation/whatever-you-wanna-call-him? As has become the case on many occasions, I am left not knowing. Prince Charming...if you're out there, I hope you're making plans...'cos I'm not!

In other news, I bought a WebCam! Am hoping the parents will venture online tomorrow, so that I may give them their New Year gift . I'm quite thrilled with this little gizmo. As I told Shorty in an email...
It's so cute...sitting on the laptop, peering at me from above the monitor. Looks like a little animal.
I clearly need more sleep.

Anyway, here's wishing each and every one of you a peaceful and prosperous Sinhala & Tamil New Year!


  1. sometimes its freaky how much when I read you stuff I'm reminded of me. I wanted to be married at 25 too....and have kids.....and suddenyl I'm nearing that milestone fast, and I wonder where on god's good earth are these dreams of mine going to materialize from. But they will materialize....don't worry!

  2. " I am 22, I look...18 (or less?) apparently, and I feel 35."

    LMAO! I am going through that now...minus the looking 18 bit =)

    Things never EVER EVER work out according to plan so you aren't missing out too much by not making plans =)


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