Saturday, April 29, 2006


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For those who are a bit confused as to why the BBC is no longer cool enough to be linked to on this blog *cough cough*...

Recent events in Sri Lanka have been reported on by the BBC news website. It is my view that these reports are biased, and the information they carry is in some cases untrue, and in others, exaggerated. These reports have also omitted certain details which would be considered important. In my opinion, responsible journalism should be impartial and factually accurate. Since the BBC coverage of the situation in Sri Lanka fails to meet either of these criteria, I don't see their journalism as being responsible... And a worldwide news agency that advocates irresponsible journalism is...well, not cool.

I will not discuss the topic addressed in the articles for the reasons I mentioned in my previous post. You are however, invited to Google that is still cool, regardless of what they wanna call it in Chinese!

Hope this clears things up, Anon!

P.S.- I finished Sustainability!!! :D

P.P.S.- Corinne Bailey Rae is awesome...check out her music if you haven't been mesmerised as yet!

P.P.P.S.- I should really stop post-scripting everything.


  1. thank u :)
    and good job on sustainability! :D

  2. I already blogged about the BBC issues and thank you for your comment! Whats interesting about the 40,000 figure is that there was no retraction of that amount, even when it was shown the areas bombed didn't even have half that population.

    I also came across this interesting news article on BBC ,
    I quote "A government investigator told Associated Press news agency the 21-year-old woman had fake identification claiming she was the wife of an army clerk.

    She attended a pregnancy clinic in the military hospital and learned the routine of army chief Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka, the investigator said, before targeting him on Tuesday. "

    I quote this because there is one interesting fact the BBC left out and that is that the woman was ACTUALLY pregnant! Now they pulled everything of the AP story except the pregnancy fact, isn't that interesting, why information was selectively edited.

    P.S. Sustainability? Excellent! If you ever move back to Sri Lanka and I ever start my environmental consultancy back home I might have a job for you:-)

  3. Yes they've been extremely biased the last few days with their reporting. I like ur very philosophical outlook. BBC will be BBC - they will continue to show a skewed picture of whats happening in sri lanka to the rest of the world, us shouting/arguing about it till we are blue in the face wont change anything
    we can only hope that our leaders are sensible.
    Nahi werena werani right

    p.s: congrats on finishin sustainability!!

  4. Thank you.. and feel free to visit my bakery on Nawala Road ;)

  5. I quote this because there is one interesting fact the BBC left out and that is that the woman was ACTUALLY pregnant!

    what? The suicide bomber was actually pregnant? she killed an unborn child in the process? how inhuman can they get?

  6. What really creeps me out is that they must have been planning this for some time. She may well have gotten pregnant just for the assassination attempt...

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  8. With regards to the previous comment, sid had posted a link from Reuters:

    Fox, BBC, Al Jazeera most trusted: poll


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