Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dogs bark, caravan passes...

Listening to: 'Maha Pirith'

I told myself I wouldn't start a political discussion on this blog for two reasons:
a) It just makes my blood boil
b) There are plenty of blogs out there which say the exact same thing I'd say, and it seems pointless to echo them.

Instead, I will turn to the Dhammapada, as I always (should) do. One of my all-time favourites suggests how we should react to the treatment Sri Lanka has been getting from the global media...
Selo yatã eka ghano – vãtena na samirati
Evam nindã pasamsãsu – na samijjhanti panditã
(Pandita Vagga, #6)
This translates to:
Just as a mighty boulder
stirs not with the wind,
so the wise are never moved
either by praise or blame.
Stay calm, my fellow countrymen.

In light of the irresponsible journalism seemingly advocated by the BBC, my 'Cool Stuff' sidebar no longer links to their website...I don't think they are all that cool.

OK back to Sustainability...yes I'm still on Sustainability!


  1. And I continue the analogy with two words: wind erosion ;)

  2. sorry for being a tad bit lost in this matter.. can you pls enlighten us less informed ppl why bbc isn't 'cool' anymore?
    completely missed what bbc has done to be irresponsible now..
    thank u :)


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