Monday, April 10, 2006

Oh for some motivation (and some money)

Listening to: nothing these days...can't listen to music while revising

What a lazy Sunday. Woke up at 10 after going to sleep at 4 (no I wasn't partying...well, I was-ish...then I came back and did half a chapter of Optimisation). Had a nice chat with the parents. Went to hall. Came back. Tried Sustainability. Man why are there so many words in those handouts?!?!?! We're scientists...we can't handle prose! Fell asleep numerous times, checked Facebook numerous times, checked BBC News numerous times (they have some nice pictures up at times)...carried on with Sustainability. Then went to hall again. And came back again. And back to Sustainability. And back to dozing off every fifteen minutes. Finished chapter and moved on to report writing. Ugh not liking my Results section. I might scrap it and do it again tomorrow.

But wait...I can't do that tomorrow 'cos I'm gonna be running around Cambridge begging for money! First stop department to beg for funding. Second stop college to beg for funding. If neither works out, bye bye PhD!

It's funny how these things work out. Just a few months back, I had two out of five replies - both rejections. I thought "that's it...better find a job, no PostGrad for me!" Then last month, I had two more replies - both offers. And yesterday, another offer. Suddenly (almost) everyone wants me! But they also want me to be really really rich - which isn't gonna happen. So essentially, I'm back at square one. Unless college decides that they love me so much, they're going to pay me to study. Ah the plight of international students. Some are lucky enough to be sponsored by companies or their governments. Others, like myself, have to hope for scholarships and be really nice to Daddy. I better not stop looking for a job.

Moving on...New Year this week!!! Apparently the New Year dawns at 1.49am on Friday. I'll probably be awake doing my report. Not too keen on making milkrice at 2am, but I might make it on Friday morning for breakfast Oh it's at times like these that I miss home the most. We're not a very traditional family, but there's still the ritualistic visit to the grandparents'...a massive family get together with all my little cousins and nephews. Awww. And the food! How could I not mention the food? Ugh I miss kavum. So oily, but so good :D

The stuff on the top right hand corner is what it's all about :D Maybe I can get my parents to send me some through someone who's gone home for Easter. Ooh getting excited just thinking about it!

Right...1am again. I've definitely underperformed today. Not good. And tomorrow's a long day. And waking up is hard to do.

P.S.- Just realised that the concept of New Year in April is not common to all...basically, the Sinhala & Tamil New Year marks the astrological transition from Pisces (Meena) to Aries (Mesha), and is celebrated in a big way at home, with numerous auspicious rituals and timings...and food :D


  1. dont 4get the banis kema, kotta pora, lissana gaha nageema (more baseema than nageema!), kanaa mutti bindeema, lanu adeema but most of all getting drunk and knocking ppl over (BE CAREFUL DRIVING IN SRI LANKA ON 13th & 14th of April of EVERY year)

  2. mmm....kiri bath....*sigh*...


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