Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just to be close to you

Listening to: 'Lady (You Bring Me Up)' by Lionel Richie & The Commodores [The Definitive Collection]

Yup, I'm in a Lionel Richie mood. He's been on nonstop since 10am this morning...except perhaps when I was listening to an side-splitting impersonation of a strange new Pizza Hut ad from back home (you know who you are :P ). Lionel Richie's amazing...he takes bloody ages to come out with an album, but when it does come out...it's amazing. Thinking back, when I was little...I think I called him Richie Lionel :D

I'm just finishing dinner. Quarter to eleven isn't when I'd like to eat dinner, but oh well. I've been sitting in front of the laptop all day looking at numerous graphs...mindnumbing Data ANALysis. I'm so bored, it's unbelievable. And my elbows are really bony so I keep knocking them on the desk while typing...they hurt.

Still loving the BBC. I only have issues with them when they cover news stories from home, 'cos I don't think they're that impartial. I guess the same applies for every other country...but at the end of the day, some news is better than no news (or is it?). Some interesting articles today, ranging from Tom Cruise's weird sense of humour (it might make you queasy; thanks for the tip Venus!), to guys exchanging paper clips for houses! What a strange world we live in, eh? There was also a report on the wave of left-leaning leaders in South America....maybe the Middle East isn't all the US has to worry about? I dunno, I don't claim to be an armchair politician...so I can't really judge.

There was also an article about Tony Blair encouraging more international students to come and study in the UK. I'm someone who has benefited from such an education, and I would recommend it to anyone. Quite a few of the people who've commented on the article seem to think that international students have a substandard secondary education and are less intelligent than their UK counterparts, and they also seem to have forgotten where universities get their funding from. Wonder what song they'd sing if we all stopped paying fees and went back home.

I wish I was at home. Dinner would be on the table at 8, hot chocolate/water/whatever-I-wanted-to-drink would just be a "please" away...all I had to do was study. No wonder A/Ls were easy...I didn't have to worry about anything else! And of course there's the added bonus of getting hugs from my mother whenever she'd walk past my room. Aaaargh missing Mother...but if I tell her, she'll feel sad, and I can't do that to her. Grit my teeth and wait till end of June, yeah? yeah. The hugs will come. And the squeals at graduation (I'm half expecting her to squeal inside Senate House...would not be good). And the smiles on hers and my father's faces when I'm wearing that silly mortar board and gown and having my picture taken. Everything is worth being able to see that.

Right...now that homesickness (or rather, parentsickness) is out of the way, I shall wind up. To dirty dishes, and beyond!


  1. urrghh you made me feel guilty now! My parents were really encouraging me to go for my graduation, but I am far too lazy to fly all the way to NZ for it. I missed my BSc gradaution (wayy too busy coz of honours year - or so I said) and now I will be missing my BSc hons graduation as well :P
    I know they would like to see me in the silly gown too..but its soo farr!!!

    maybe I'll make it to my PhD graduation...

  2. api dennemu....API!... dennemu... mey paarath, karakawala, weda daala, aluth aluth rasa pahakin!
    Corn mutton, Corn beef, Devil Beef, Miris Maalu pizza Ambul thiyal rasa resakin..... ;)
    Ppl who cant speak the language are singing it! lol


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