Monday, January 30, 2006

Wahey, I look like Zhang Zi Yi!

Listening to: 'Hot Air' by My Heater [seriously, not listening to music right now...but my heater is a bit noisy today!]

Confused by the title? Haha try MyHeritage for size! Basically you upload a photo of yourself and the thing tells you which celebrities you look like. Besides looking like China's gift to Hollywood, apparently I also look like Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet, Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore and Sofia Coppola. What a combination, eh? If only guys had eyes like this computer programme ;-)

Played Agony Aunt today. Then again, I play Agony Aunt on most days. It's nice that I don't have to play Agony Aunt every day though...sometimes I can just be a listener. Apparently my name means 'listener' in Aramaic...not that I would know for sure. Anyone out there know Aramaic?

Shortstuff lets me be a listener. Shortstuff is amazing. She's an amazing listener too. I adore her. I dunno how she does it. I can be a handful sometimes, especially when the beautiful people show their true colours. Shorty I love you! (}) (and OK you're not that short :P )

This chocolate mousse has been sitting here since lunchtime. I think it's high time I do something about it. And maybe then I'll put some music on and tidy this desk of mine? How about some Basement Jaxx? Sounds good.

It just occurred to me that I can probably have a *short* bilingual conversation with Zhang Zi Yi...although I'm pretty sure that after Memoirs of a Geisha (which was fab, btw) her English will be a hell of a lot better than my Mandarin.

Must eat chocolate mousse.

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  1. Heya!
    Just dropping by to say hi. We haven't met up in ages.. I think it's time for a reunion! heh..

    As for the My Heritage website, apparently all asians look like Zhang Zi Yi and Lucy Liu coz they haven't got any other stars from the Far East in their database lol.


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