Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The joys of good food and good company

Listening to: 'Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree' by Glenn Miller & His Orchestra [Glenn Miller]

Robinson Formal...woohoo!!! 'Twas excellent - great food, great(er) company Laughed non-stop, while the topic of conversation ranged from PhD applications to LOST, research project meetings to Big Brother, Summer Internships to Radio I. Ah the joy. After dinner we proceeded to the bar, where the laughter continued. Obviously alcohol played a big part, however consumption of said beverage was not a requirement for optimal enjoyment of the event In my opinion, it never is (however, I do appreciate that I am a part of a minority in this respect). Gin was in good form as usual, as were Tickle and HP.

Gin and I were chatting about 50's swing band music (while singing along to the Kaiser Chiefs and The you do). When I got home, Gin sent me one word - AWESOME! One of them (a Cole Porter composition) was named after me! (not the other way around, obviously ;-) ) That got me into my Glenn Miller mood (hence the playlist).

What am I going to do after July? All these pals of mine will be working all over the UK (and beyond, in some cases) and who knows if I'll ever see them after graduation? The beauty of life, I guess. I remember thinking the same thing last year, when college friends graduated. I do miss some of them, especially the girls. Maybe I should wander down to London one of these days and give them a hug.

Having returned home at 11.30pm, I was to go to sleep by 1.00am the latest. However (thanks to Gin, Glenn Miller and some others) it is now 2.12am and I am still awake. This is not good, for 9.00am lectures tomorrow will be slightly inconvenient after ~5hrs of sleep.

Speaking of lectures...ay ay ay Rheology. It's very sweet of MRM to show us slides from his journeys through SE Asia, however the slides are ~12yrs old (KL doesn't really look like a jungle anymore, as far as I'm aware) and his take on the whole slideshowing procedure is just a teeny weeny bit patronising. I appreciate that his intentions are purely educational and that he has nothing against developing countries...however when you hear "you wouldn't be able to do that in England" about 10 times in 10 minutes, it does get a bit irritating. I wouldn't be surprised if he still refers to Sri Lanka as Ceylon. Like dude, that was sooo last week!

OK bed time. I'm *actually* tired now, so it's probably a good idea. To quote George Clooney's latest (which I haven't seen yet) -
Good Night, and Good Luck.

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