Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And then there were none...(chocolates, I mean)

Listening to: 'Never Know' by Jack Johnson [In Between Dreams]

*Sigh*, all gone. Two minibars of Toblerone and one box of Lindt Lindor - it took me one week, which might not be the quickest I've ever managed to finish my chocs, but still... Needless to say my skin has taken the brunt of the abuse, but oh well...chocoholic pleasure vs. not-so-bad skin - doesn't take a genius to figure out which one I'd choose! :D

Thanks to Waz for the rose
(which is surprisingly still alive - I think)! It was a pleasant surprise On one hand, it confirmed my convictions - I'd be stupid to entertain the idea of being secretly admired (in the traditional sense of the word)! On the other hand however, it reminded me that there are people around me who care A good lesson overall. I think it made me discover something else as well, but more on that later.

Anyway, the new-found thrill of Valentine's Day is over. Now all that's left are the letters, the rose, empty chocolate boxes, the two plastic roses I 'borrowed' from the restaurant and my pretty origami bird, which is sitting on my desk. Not surprising that only the girls were impressed with the personalised gifts :D I find the whole male response to the episode quite amusing. Most males seem to have a tendency to be rather envious of a pal who climbs even a single notch in the good books of female friends. Of course it would be beyond their wildest dreams (or nightmares, rather) to actually admit to these feelings, let alone do anything about it! Oh no, they're far too busy thinking up conspiracy theories that undermine the thoughtfulness that went into the notch-climbing exercise. Fruitless, methinks...fact of the matter remains that hearts and minds have been turned, and will stay turned until further notice. This seems to be quite different to the attitude females show to similar occurrences - if she climbs the ranks by wearing a short skirt and a low-cut blouse, then of course she'll be subject to malicious gossip. However, if she wins brownie points by baking him his favourite cake...that's sweet (not to mention smart!), and would be commended. Now before you get all offended and start ranting and raving and calling me a sexist, I shall produce my disclaimer: I am not generalising; I'm merely making observations based on my experience. Girls might get jealous over things like clothes, hair and looks...but when it comes to the sentimental stuff, it's the boys that go green.

Moving on...

I thought it would happen in days, maybe weeks...a few months at the most (well initially I thought it wouldn't have to happen, but that idea was soon dispelled). In fact, it's taken years. And now, I sit and wonder...has a platonic plateau finally been reached? Has awkwardness finally decided to retreat into the abyss of a scarred history?
I believe the turning point was the discovery that *things like this don't happen to people like me* (see above), a line I've used once before with the same audience, in different circumstances. I can't say for sure as there are still some issues glaring me in the face (which it seems only I can see)...but none of these issues are from my side, so I'm hopeful. Strange how these things work out.

All this thinking has got me quite exhausted. Jack Johnson has been strumming his guitar for the past six hours or so and he must be exhausted as well...but I will soon turn my computer off and he'll be able to rest until tomorrow, when I play the same playlist again. Where would I be without my music? And my chocolate?

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  1. y ruin such a nice story about chocolates with male bashing? =p
    i dont kno wat kinda sexually frusrated guys u'v been hanging out with..... bt i think i'v been hanging out with the same lot! lol
    wats 2b dun?! dumb bloody buggers..
    Most guys wanna b loved by girls =D bt dont ever wanna b caught making an effort lol


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