Sunday, February 05, 2006

A look back on the weekend

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Haven't been able to blog for the past three days. I've been told by others to at least someone reads it on a regular basis! So here's my weekend recap:

Had a very boring afternoon...a very dull Project Management lecture (during which I did my Chinese homework) and a Chinese class which was probably interesting, but I was too tired to experience properly. The only event of the afternoon was seeing DA entertaining himself during Project Management...something I wish I didn't see.

Haelios took us out to dinner afterwards - a joyous occasion, if not for the varied mating calls that were heard throughout the evening. Still, Old Orleans has some awesome desserts!*

Saturday started very badly, with me waking up at a disgraceful 12.30pm. After what seemed like not enough of Facebook-related procrastination, I started preparing myself for the evening ahead. Three hours of waxing, one hour of hair care and fifteen minutes of make up later, I was ready. I teetered down to Robinson for what turned out to be one of the best nights ever! Amazing! It's so nice to be able to have fun with friends without having to worry about each person's quirks and insecurities. No need to tiptoe around certain people, no need to be on guard, no need to be ever-ready for a fight, no need to expect people to be rude or insensitive or down right mean. Just pure fun.*

Today has been mostly quiet. Was up by 9am, and all photos had been uploaded and shared by 11am. This was followed by the weekly parental phone call. I cherish the fact that my relationship with my parents is a strong as it is...I can share my fears without hesitation, and I know they understand exactly where I'm coming from. I guess I've done some things right in previous incarnations ;-) My grandparents have sent me a Thank You card - for sending them an Anniversary card. After 59 years of marriage, you'd think they'd be used to getting anniversary cards by now! Every time I receive an international call on a day other than Sunday, I think the worst. I know that one day, I will get the dreaded phone call. Until then, I must celebrate their lives and look forward to seeing them again.

There have been many interactions this weekend, on many a level. It seems to me that while some of us are gifted in reading between the lines, others are equally gifted in shooting themselves in the foot without even noticing it. I'm not sure which is worse - doing something wrong and knowing it, or doing something wrong and not realising/caring about the damage you've caused.

The voice is barely better, although there's no improvement in the lung power. Hope for the best and expect the worst, I say.

*See Facebook Pics for photographic proof

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  1. lol I had your site linked on mine (or so I thought) at Someone comepletely different's blog!! Talk about oops. Well yeah, I know your blog now. Nice! And yes, I think we are alike. Altruistic. too much. Or is there such a thing as too much?
    A kindred spirit.


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