Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Oh what a day...

Listening to: 'Forget It' by Breaking Benjamin [We Are Not Alone]

Wow...where do I begin. Today has been relatively uneventful, so I'll concentrate on yesterday. It started off like any other Tuesday - woke up ~9am, waltzed into Rheology knowing that I would've only missed a few minutes of some prehistoric slides, if anything. Sat through the lecture dreaming about the Chinese food I was to have at dinner, and ambled back to college around noon. Walked into the Porters' Lodge to find a beautiful pink and white rose in my pigeon hole (surprise #1). I was thrilled! Even though I was sort of expecting it (BM did mention on Saturday that he'd get me one), the fact that someone had bothered to get me a rose was enough to make my day. Even had decided to make me happy, and had sent me the stuff I ordered a whole day early! How about that, eh?

So anyway, back in my room, announced to the world that is Facebook that I had *finally* received a rose, thanked BM, did a lot of grinning and tried to learn about the stability of colloids and DLVO theory (fat chance). Spent the whole afternoon Facebooking with ShortStuff - she stays off MSN to avoid distraction, but stays logged in to Facebook instead...the rationale behind that, I will never comprehend :D

At ~8pm, left college to go to our meeting place. ShortStuff was being very mysterious with her choice of words - "I know something you don't...heehee" etc. It was all very frustrating, but I'm not one to beg for gossip, so I decided to wait for the information to come to me. Oh boy did it come. At the lodge, Teddy had left a box of chocolates for me (surprise #2). At the restaurant, I was informed by the others that at the time I discovered my rose, BM hadn't even bought his, so my rose was in fact from someone else (surprise #3). Huh? A rose for ME? A secret admirer for ME? ME? ME? ME? This could not be happening. This must be a mistake. Maybe whoever left it there had got the pigeon hole must be meant for someone else. It can't be meant for ME!?!?!?!

While we were still catching up on each others' Valentine's days...Shorty nipped out for a bit, bringing confusion to the table. She returned armed with envelopes for each of us, and a box of chocolates. A personalised Valentine's Day gift for each of us, hand-delivered to the restaurant (surprise #4). I never, never, ever would've thought I'd be the recipient of such a gift. (Almost) All the chocolate in the world can't give me the same joy that I found in reading that letter. Tearful eyes and dried up throat returned to remind me of the power of the author's words and their effect on me. Twenty seven hours later, I'm still in a state of shock.

You'd think four surprises would be enough for one day. But no, the 'boys' had one more left. An amiable waitress entered with an amused look on her face to inform us that Teddy and Big Boss Man had paid for our dessert (surprise #5). If only I had known that dessert was on its way...I wouldn't have eaten so much!

I don't generally *do* surprises. I prefer to know where I stand. For someone who would find one surprise exhaustive, five in one day was pretty heavy!

I haven't found out who sent me my solitary rose, and I have no clue how to find out, so I'm just going to accept that I'll probably never know and forget about it. Or at least I will, as soon as the flower's gone. Mystery rose person, I wish you'd tell me who you are...but I'll be OK if you don't. Thank you for making me feel special...I need that sometimes


  1. i sent the rose - you were being a bit too cynical for my liking:) and also bcos i like you.

    glad you liked it though.

  2. thats the end of THAT mystery then...


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